Carmen Twillie Ambar

"As we work towards our 150th year, we do so with the intent of building a stronger, more profound community, one prepared for the dynamism of the higher education landscape in the next century. We approach this work knowing that our success is dependent upon gathering old and new partners alike who wish to imagine our future."

President Carmen Twillie Ambar

Class of 1972



September 1
On the Crest of the Future Launch

October 14
Sesquicentennial Golf Outing at Saucon Valley Country Club Visit
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January 19
Official Kick-off of On the Crest of the Future Celebration and Sesquicentennial Faculty Lecture Series
Learn More: Press Release

February 24
Naomi Houser Lecture
Johanna Schwingel, Ph.D. '04
Assistant Professor, Biology
St. Bonaventure University
Illuminating the Way: Using Split-GFP to Dissect Pathways Important for Pseudomonas aeruginosa Virulence and Gaining the Most Out of Your Experiences
4 p.m.
Oberkotter 1
Reception: 3:30 p.m.

March 24
Visualizing Higher Education in 2027
A Conference Exploring the Future of Higher Education

May 13
“On the Crest of the Future” Commencement

September 5
Happy Birthday Cedar Crest Celebration

October 5
Reimert Lecture featuring Lisa Ling

October 19
Scholarship Dinner

October 20
All Class Reunion
Special Family Activities
Lecture and Reception with Dr. Afaf I. Meleis

October 21
On the Crest of the Future Celebration Reception and Gala
Learn More: Celebration Reception and Gala
All Class Reunion

Christmas Dance 1951

Sesquicentennial News

While on the crest of the future, the College reflects on its past success throughout its vibrant history. We celebrate 150 years of timeless friendships, countless memories, inspiring visionaries, fearless leaders and lifelong traditions.

In the year ahead, we invite you to celebrate with us. Share your memories use the hashtag:


Old Sign

Cedar Crest College is 150 years old and she is still leading the way for women

  • 1920s

    Basketball in gym class

  • 1930

    Dorm room in Butz Hall.

  • 1944

    Students headed into the Administration Building

  • 1950

    Hartzel Hall in the snow

  • 1968

    Hanging around on campus!

  • 1979

    Metalsmithing class

  • 1987

    The Buskin Society

  • 1990

    Dorothy Blaney at Reunion

  • 1994

    Student fun at freshman orientation

  • 2007

    Alumnae Reunion

  • 2009

    Cherry Blossom Festival

  • 2015

    SAGE staff at Trunk or Treat

Moments in Time

On the Crest of the Future