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There is so much to think about in your first year of college. You’re adjusting to dorm life, making new friends, keeping yourself healthy, meeting academic challenges and starting to consider career choices.

This crucial first year can be overwhelming—but it’s also a unique opportunity to lay the groundwork for success in college and after graduation. That is what Cedar Crest College’s First Year Experience is all about.

What is the First Year Experience (FYE)?

FYE is a program for all traditional first-year students, created to help you prepare for a successful life during and after college. With a focus on women’s leadership, global connectivity, civic engagement, and health and wellness, the experience as a whole will help you make a smooth transition into the Cedar Crest College community of scholars.

The First Year Experience is designed to help you develop personally as well as academically. FYE focuses strongly on academics, since doing well academically increases the likelihood that you’ll have a satisfying career. The program also helps you explore your career options, get involved with campus clubs and groups, build a network of resource people, and establish healthy habits that add up to a well-balanced life.

What are the components of FYE?

First Year Seminar
In the fall semester of your first year you have the opportunity to choose from a host of dynamic topics that will challenge you to think about relevant issues of the day, while introducing you to the liberal arts and the relationship between a liberal arts education and your educational goals.
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Shared Reading
Mighty Be Our Powers is the gripping chronicle of a journey from hopelessness to empowerment that will touch all who dream of a better world.
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College Life
This is all about your physical and emotional well-being; after all, wellness is the foundation for academic and life success.
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Exploring Your Future
During the semester you’ll develop an understanding of the career decision-making process, including how to choose a major and put a career plan into action.
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First Year Fridays
Friday afternoons are special for FY students!
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