A Bittersweet Moment:
Lauren Salgado ‘14

Lauren Salgado '14During her final year at Lehigh Carbon Community College, Lauren Salgado ’14 said she attended a lecture by Cedar Crest Psychology Professor Micah Sadigh, Ph.D., an event that inspired her to apply to Cedar Crest’s psychology program and enroll after completing her associate’s degree. Now, through the School of Adult and Graduate Education, Salgado graduated on Saturday, May 10 and was one of two student speakers to address her fellow graduates.

“Graduation is bittersweet for me,” said Salgado. “I’m really excited, but I do enjoy being a student. I enjoy learning and being around people. The only way you learn about who you are is by learning how others are.” Salgado added that she is proud of her accomplishment as it is one she wasn’t always sure she’d achieve.

“I think the hardest things surrounding the decision to go back to school are the ‘what ifs’ and the ‘I can’t’” she said. “Sometimes you have to hear them out and then put them in a drawer and just do it.”

Salgado said the psychology professors are like family to her. “Because it’s a very small class environment, it’s personal. They really saw me as a person, not just another student.” She added that anytime she struggled with a topic or needed additional help, her professors were more than happy to take time after class.

“Nowadays, a lot of people say ‘it’s just a piece of paper that hangs on your wall and you should pick your major based on how much money it costs to get versus how much you’re going to earn once you have a position in that field. And that’s not the only thing that college is about. It’s not about regurgitating facts back onto a test. It’s about synthesizing the information that you learn across all of your classes.

It’s about discovery. It’s about being able to look at something differently, being able to look at yourself over your years at school and see change. I’m not the same person. Regardless of how much your schooling costs or how much you earn, nothing or no one can take that from you. You’ve experienced life."

Salgado is a member of the psychology club and the public relations manager for the Student Government Board. Recently, Salgado’s research poster on the “Impact of Weight and Gender on the Perception of a Sales Associate’s Effectiveness” received first prize at the College’s annual Health, Wellness and Research conference.

After graduation, Salgado said that she will take time off to work and spend time with her son prior to looking into graduate school.

Lauren Salgado '14