Cedar Crest College
Advocacy Chapter
Updated: May 27, 2014
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The primary mission of the Cedar Crest College advocacy chapter of the American Association of University Professors is to foster broad appreciation of faculty rights and responsibilities. In addition to encouraging best practices in instruction, the chapter, through its activities and advocacy, aims to continually reaffirm the College's commitment to academic freedom, tenure, and shared governance. The chapter also encourages fair treatment of contingent faculty, to ensure that these members of our community retain academic freedom and have the opportunity to participate in governance.

The chapter encourages all members of the campus community to fully understand the positions of the AAUP with regard to faculty rights and responsibilities. These principles exist to ensure that institutions remain committed to excellence in instruction and scholarship.

Current officers*
President: Richard M. Kliman, Professor of Biological Sciences
Vice-President: Carol A. Pulham, Professor of English
Secretary-Treasurer: Roxanne T. Amico, Professor of Performing Arts

*Inquiries regarding the chapter should be directed to the Secretary-Treasurer.