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Gabrielle Buzgo '11

With the guidance of the art department, Gabrielle curated her own show.

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Profile: Gabrielle Buzgo

Curating an art exhibition can be thrilling. Developing an interesting theme, arranging artwork in a thought-provoking fashion, and seeing the impact the show has on viewers are a few of the exciting facets of the job. However, there is also plenty of “grunt work” for a curator to do.

From developing rules for exhibition submissions, to putting out a call to artists whose work might appear in the show, to hanging the art and sending the art back to the artists once the show is over, to arranging for refreshments at the show opening, the curator is responsible for ensuring the show is a pleasurable experience for attendees.

Gabrielle Buzgo has the type of boundless energy that helps a person bounce between the exciting and mundane effortlessly. It’s one of the reasons the art department provided her with space in Alumnae Hall to curate her own show.

“Nobody at Cedar Crest has really done something like this before. Gabrielle is self-motivated and this is really a self-designed program for her,” said Jill Odegaard, head of the Cedar Crest College Art Department. “This show is more challenging for her than many others she’s been involved with because she’s responsible for all aspects. This exhibition is really her showcase and she’s doing great.”

Buzgo, who is looking to take curatorial studies in grad school after graduating from Cedar Crest, credits the art department for helping her to develop her passion.

“When I’m in class, a professor might single me out and say, ‘Hey Gabrielle—this might apply to you in the curating sense.’ The art department has always been supportive of everything I’ve wanted to do from day one,” she said. “They give me the opportunity to do amazing things that I wouldn’t get an opportunity to do anywhere else.”