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  • Women's leadership opportunities
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School for Field Studies (SFS)

Conduct research in a variety of locations through School for Field Studies

At Cedar Crest College, our biological sciences department puts great emphasis on field studies as a complement to the research that you will perform on campus. Participating in field research enables you to study subjects in their natural surroundings, which can provide you with crucial insight and valuable research findings.

In many cases, field research can also provide exposure to other cultures: This is an important element of the liberal arts education experience in general—and a key component in Cedar Crest College’s mission to educate the next generation of women leaders to serve in the United States and across the globe.

For these and other reasons, Cedar Crest partners with the School for Field Studies (SFS) to provide students like you with extraordinary and varied off-campus research opportunities.

Cedar Crest College and the School for Field Studies

Cedar Crest College is an affiliate member of the School for Field Studies (SFS), an organization whose mission is to create “transformative study-abroad experiences through field-based learning and research.” Through this affiliation, Cedar Crest students are able to conduct hands-on, community-focused environmental field work in SFS programs around the world, including sites in:

  • Australia and New Zealand
  • Bhutan
  • Costa Rica
  • Kenya and Tanzania
  • Turks and Caicos Islands (Caribbean)

The SFS offers both semester-long and month-long summer programs, and these programs are offered in addition to the field opportunities provided directly by Cedar Crest College.

As a Cedar Crest student, you receive the following benefits from our affiliation with SFS:

  • Credit for the program directly from Cedar Crest (i.e., not transfer credit)
  • Waiver of the $150 SFS registration fee
  • Preferential consideration for SFS financial aid
  • Access to specially designated spaces held for affiliates until March 15 and October 15 for the following fall and spring semesters, respectively.