Certificates and Programs

Certificate Programs

Certificate programs allow you to gain knowledge about a specific subject without pursuing a 4-year degree. To earn a certificate from Cedar Crest College, you will need to maintain a 2.0 cumulative GPA or higher. (Some programs require you to maintain a GPA that is higher than a 2.0.) Restrictions apply to some certificates. Students must submit an application for degree form to the registrar's office in order to verify completion of the certificate

For more information, please contact the sponsoring department.


Accounting CPA Certificate
Child Welfare Certificate
Computer Information Systems
Gerontology Certificate
Healthcare Management (online)
Human Resource Management 
Nuclear Medicine
School Nurse (certification)

Pre-Professional Programs in Health

A "pre-professional program" is one that offers a series of courses that are a good foundation for the field of study. For instance, the pre-dentistry program would consist of courses you'd need if you want to work in the dentistry field or become a dentist. These pre-professional programs are taken by students while they pursue a bachelor's degree in at least one academic major.

For more information, please contact the sponsoring department.


Forensic Science
Health Professions Program 
Pre-Veterinary Medicine