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Nicole is a communication major and dance minor with a strong interest in performing arts.

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Brenna Mateljan '13 Manager, Choreographer, Dancer

Senior Dance and Communications double major Brenna Mateljan presents her four years of study through a hands on experience. For her Communications senior thesis project, Mateljan is managing and organizing the Senior Dance Project Concert. Combining her passion for dance with her enthusiasm for communications, her project has become more to her than just a requirement for graduation.

 Natalie Shute, Brenna Mateljan, Kimberly McCormick, and Roxanne Addino
Dance Seniors Natalie Shute, Brenna Mateljan, Kimberly McCormick, and Roxanne Addino

The annual Senior Dance Project Concert is presented by the senior dance majors in the Performing Arts Department. Each senior has the opportunity to choreograph a ten minute piece and present it to friends, family, faculty, and other performing arts advocates. This concert gives choreographers a chance to demonstrate the knowledge they have gained throughout their years of study. From creating a successful piece of choreography, to choosing dancers, lights, costuming, and music, to even managing all rehearsals, this run completely by the students. It gives senior dance majors a taste of coordinating their own concert, creating a real world application to their years of study.

Assistant Professor of Dance and advisor to all of the senior dance majors projects, Robin Gerchman says:

"The senior dancers each bring their individual artistic voice to this concert. They are really exceptional individuals, each so distinctive, yet they blend so beautifully and present this concert to you with such passion."

With the knowledge of the senior concert being organized solely by the senior dance students, Brenna decided to use her Communications senior thesis project as an opportunity to market for the arts on the Cedar Crest College campus. Managing the Senior project concert has allowed Mateljan to apply the knowledge she has attained through her course work at Cedar Crest.

For the past year, Mateljan has been a marketing intern as Allentown Symphony Hall. Working under the supervision of Marketing Director Lucy Bloise, Mateljan has gained a first hand experience of how marketing for the arts in a non-profit organization is managed. When asked about her experience, Mateljan shares:

“Working with Lucy has been such a wonderful experience! The knowledge she has shared with me over the past year has shown me the in’s-and-out’s of the marketing business for a non-profit organization. Interning at Allentown Symphony Hall has provided me with the necessary tools for managing and marketing my own arts event. All of the opportunities I’ve had through my internship, have truly prepared me for my senior thesis project.”

There are many components involved in the managing, organizing, and directing the marketing for an event, such as a dance concert. For the senior dance concert Mateljan’s objective is to create an interest in the senior project concert through effective marketing. Her responsibilities for the concert include creating advertisements, posters, press releases, a “face” of the concert, program books, photo slide show, a promotional video. Other management duties include running meetings, managing the tech crew, rehearsal schedules, and all communication throughout the process. Mateljan is also creating a full video of her 10 minute senior dance choreography for the concert.

The senior dance concert titled Perceptions will be performed on Sunday, April 21, 2013 at 2:00 p.m. in Samuels Theatre. Free admission. The concert contains 5 works created by this year's senior dance majors, Natalie Shute, Brenna Mateljan, Roxanne Addino, and Kimberly McCormick . Following the concert, there will be a reception in the Falcon’s nest with light refreshments for cast, crew, family, and friends.

For more information, or if you have questions, please contact Brenna Mateljan at