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Nicole Magloire '12

Nicole is a communication major and dance minor with a strong interest in performing arts.

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Jim Brancato, Ph.D
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Bryanne Hornung '13 Targets Stereotypes

Senior Media Studies major at Cedar Crest College, Bryanne Hornung, will be holding her senior project event on Wednesday April 24 11 a.m.-2 p.m. in Harmon Hall of Peace. The event entitled, “We Are All Targets”, will be about how everyone is judged or targeted because of who we are as individuals.


Homophobia, Sexism, Racism, and Stereotypes this senior project was created based on a Philadelphia Fringe Festival play called Bullseye. This play was written produced and created by Philadelphia teens from Yes! And… Shadow Company. This play was created to shed light on those who are targets and those who are the ones targeting.

Hornung has created this event to bring awareness to her campus and to share this inspirational play with everyone. This event will be a gallery of all of Hornung’s work throughout this past year, a photo gallery of the Shadow Company’s Cast, and a series of papermaking pieces, showcasing four Cedar Crest student’s stories of being bullied.

Her main objective of this event is to have a big turnout. So come out for an hour or five minutes, and help turn targets into tolerance.


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