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Nicole Magloire '12

Nicole is a communication major and dance minor with a strong interest in performing arts.

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Stephanie Tompkins'14: Art Communicating

Stephanie Tompkins is a senior art and new media major. For her final imprint on Cedar Crest College, she is collaborating with Laura Bauder and Francis Soto for their last Senior Art Exhibit show held on April 25, 2014 from 6-7:30 p.m. in the Center for Visual Research in Harmon Hall.

Heart shaped Box

Tompkins is expressing her personal accomplishment of overcoming anorexia through creating assemblages inside recycled cigar boxes.

“All of my pieces have come from a personal emotion or struggle I have experienced going through anorexia. If it weren't for a class I took here at college, I would have not received help and healed from this. Viewers may find some of the images to be a little disruptive but they are encouraged to view them all so they can finally see who I have become towards the end.”

Tompkins is combining her New Media and Art majors by showing some of her other talents in photography and music. The full effect of the all-round visual art exhibition is her reason to capture full focus visually and acoustically on her pieces as well as an overall new experience for the viewers.

Join the final senior exhibition and visualize the hard work and beautiful creations of the senior artists.

“You will be moved and inspired from this show. There is a way everyone can connect with the art in their own way.”