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Nicole is a communication major and dance minor with a strong interest in performing arts.

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New Media Major

It’s no secret that technology is evolving at a rapid pace. That’s why the field of new media demands employees who can adapt to new technology and trends while still maintaining the traditional skills and work ethics of professional reporters, journalists, artists and designers.

While many things about media will change over the coming years, one thing will remain the same: Employers will continue to seek out graduates who can discuss topics intelligently, think critically and connect with their audience in new and exciting ways. As a new media major at Cedar Crest College, you will be able to master all of these skills, preparing you for a thriving career in one or more of the following areas:

  • On-demand news and entertainment
  • Social media and online networking
  • Computer graphics and animation
  • Multimedia and interactive design
  • Web design and production
  • Advertising design
  • Virtual environments and game design
  • Many other fields that utilize a variety of new media

Course Requirements

A major in new media requires 48 credits of coursework. All students are required to complete courses in four categories:

  • Communication Core Curriculum (12 credits)
  • Primary Requirements (24 credits)
  • Electives (12 credits)

Click on the boxes below to see the courses required to complete this major.

Communication Core Curriculum


The communication core is required of all majors in the communication department. The goal of the core curriculum is to introduce all students to the history, research and theory in communication and to provide students with a general understanding of how research in communication is conducted.

  • COM 100 Introduction to Communication 3 credits
  • COM 112 Media Industries 3 credits
  • COM 200 Communication Theory and Research 3 credits
  • COM 353 Senior Capstone: New Media 3 credits

New Media Major Primary Requirements


  • COM 120 Introduction to New Media 4 credits
  • COM 224 Video I 4 credits
  • COM 220 Computer 3-D modeling and animation 4 credits
  • COM 222 Audio and Sound Design 4 credits
  • COM 226 Time-based and Streaming Media for the Web 4 credits
  • COM 300 Readings in Communication and Culture 4 credits
  • COM 320 Motion Graphics and Effects 4 credits

New Media Major Electives


9 credits minimum: Choose from list below

  • COM 225 Digital Photography 3 credits
  • COM 252 Online Journalism 3 credits
  • COM 255 Media Law and Ethics 3 credits
  • COM 280 Social Media 3 credits
  • COM 282 Advertising Design 4 credits
  • COM 324 Video II 4 credits
  • COM 325 Advanced Digital Photography 4 credits
  • ART 110 Principles of Visual Organization 3 credits
  • ART 134 Photoshop Computer Software Workshop (1 credit)
  • ART 132, 232 InDesign Computer Software Workshop (1 credit each)
  • ART 238 Elements of Design 3 credits
  • ENG 235 Topics in Non-Fiction Writing 3 credits

Recommended Courses


The communication deartment recommends the following courses to all students interested in new media:

  • ART 105/106 Art History 3-6 credits
  • ART 101 Beginning Drawing 3 credits
  • ART 113 and 213 Drawing, Illustration, and Graphics I & II 3-6 credits
  • CIS 255 Programming the World Wide Web 3 credits
  • HON 206 Victorian Lit and E-Lit 3 credits

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