Field Experience & Research

WFMZ TV follows Cedar Crest students on their day in jail.

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Why Choose
Cedar Crest?
  • Personalized attention
  • Average class size <20
  • Women's leadership opportunities
  • Flexibility to add dual major, minor
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A unique behavioral-based program taught by credentialed criminal justice experts.

Scott Hoke, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor, Criminal Justice
610-437-4471 ext. 4454

Professional Connections

At Cedar Crest College, all of our criminal justice courses are taught by highly experienced and credentialed professionals. Together, our faculty members have more than 50 years of experience in the criminal justice field.

Why is this important?

Our professors are eager to share their knowledge and professional experience with students, whether that means:

  • Sharing their own experiences in the field
  • Recommending an internship site
  • Offering career advice
  • Sharing the stories of victims, including the mother of a murder victim, a rape survivor, and a Holocaust survivor, through the course “Victimization”

As a graduate of the Cedar Crest criminal justice program, you’ll continue our legacy of building positive professional connections. Our interns and alumnae are well known in the local criminal justice community and beyond for their high ethical standards and behavioral-based knowledge.