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Juan is an eighth grade teacher and graduate of the education program.

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Special Education Certification Program

If you are a traditional student looking to earn a special education certificate, you must also major in Early Childhood, Middle Level, or Secondary Education. This is an excellent certification to have, even if you are not planning to teach children other than those with special needs because many classrooms today include special needs students at least some of the time.

Note: If you have already earned your teaching certification and are looking to return to the College for the special education add-on certificate, please visit the website of our School of Adult and Graduate Education (SAGE).

Some key features of the program:

  • This program is designed for professional teachers who have the knowledge base, skills and values to teach students in grades PreK-12 who have special needs.
  • Goals will be achieved through class lecture, discussion, research, presentations and practical application projects.
  • Courses are eligible for Act-48 credit.
Course Requirements

The following courses are required for Level I Certification in Special Education PreK-8: CBPH/D Add-On Certification.

These are the requirements for students who are majoring in Early Childhood Education, Middle Level Education, or Secondary Education or who are working on or hold Level I or II Elementary or Early Childhood Education Certification.

Special Education Certification as an undergraduate requires Dual Certification with Early Childhood Education or Middle Level Education or Secondary Education.


  • SPE 243 The Exceptional Child (Prerequisite EDU-150) 3 credits SPE-245 Field IV 1 credit
  • SPE 320 Teaching Students with Learning Disabilities 3 credits
  • SPE 344 Adaptations, Modifications and Assistive Technology for the Exceptional Child (Prerequisite EDU-150 and SPE-243) 3 credits

Certification Courses

  • SPE 250 Subject Area Content Access for Students with Learning Disabilities (Prerequisite SPE 243) 3 credits
  • SPE 310 Intensive Reading, Writing, and Mathematics Development and Intervention Approaches (Prerequisites EDU-150 and SPE-243) 3 credits
  • SPE 315 Teaching Students with Pervasive Developmental Disorders 3 credits
  • SPE 333 Screening, Assessment, and IEP Development for Teachers 3 credits
  • SPE 346 Collaborative Partnerships in Inclusive Settings 3 credits
  • SPE 347 Classroom Management for Teaching Students with Behavioral Disabilities 3 credits
  • SPE 348 Teaching Students with Low Incidence Disabilities 3 credits
  • EDU 359 Teaching the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Students 3 credits
  • SPE 375 Practicum in Special Education 3 credits

Students must complete the certification requirements for Early Childhood Education certification (PreK-4) or Middle Level Education (4-8) certification to be eligible for Special Education PreK-8 certification. Students seeking certification in Special Education (CBPH/D) will be required to take a second specialty test of the Praxis II.

For links to special education course requirements for graduate level students, click here.