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  • Personalized attention
  • Average class size <20
  • Women's leadership opportunities
  • Flexibility to add dual major, minor

Get a Taste of Some Medieval Festivities

If you’re interested in getting a small taste of life in medieval times, be sure to walk by the Harmon Hall of Peace tonight, November 1, from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. This event is hosted by Preterite, Cedar Crest’s literary club.

Dr. Carol Pulham

Listen to madrigals performed by professors Audrey Ettinger, Ph.D., Carol Pulham, Ph.D., and Amy Reese. Ph.D. Weather permitting, take a tilt at the quintain, designed by professor Roxanne Amico or play hoodman's bluff. Be sure to hear a medieval reading by Carol Pulham, Ph.D and much more.

All members of the Cedar Crest community and their families are invited to attend. Attendees are also invited to come in costume.