Health Sciences

Our programs prepare you for some of the fastest growing fields in health care.

Health Promotion and Wellness

The health promotion and wellness major prepares students to promote wellness through a well-balanced lifestyle, healthy living and behavior modifications. The program focuses on the physical, psychological, and spiritual aspects of health and health care.

Health Promotion and Wellness

With a core combination of psychology, biology and nutrition courses, students will graduate understanding the various functions and systems of the body, theories of health promotion, models of behavior change and the basic principles of psychologyphysiology (mind-body interactions).

Students will be prepared to enter the workforce as professionals in private business and industry, community organizations, and health care settings. Some career paths may include, but are not limited to, Wellness Coordinator, Smoking Cessation Programs and Weight Management Programs, Wellness Programs in Retirement Communities, and Corporate Wellness Programs.

4 Year Plan - Health Promotion

Program Highlights

  • Each health sciences major is based in the liberal arts, providing a well-rounded education that prepares students to think critically and analyze more effectively.
  • Majors within the department of health sciences share a core set of classes, giving students a better opportunity to select the major that is right for them.
  • Each program includes a dedicated health professions advisor who will introduce students to multiple career opportunities within health care and the health sciences.
  • Cedar Crest has an average 9:1 student to faculty ratio, allowing for more personalized attention.
  • Each program requires at least one internship, giving students the practical experience they need to find success in their chosen field.

Amy J. Reese
Interim Chair, Health Sciences
Associate Professor, Biological Sciences
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