Please check out the answers to some common questions about the LLCs.

What are the requirements to participate in an LLC?

  • Participation in an LLC is a full-year commitment. Students are required to commit to the fall and spring semesters of the academic year in which they are enrolled in the LLC.
  • Students are required to live in the LLC residence hall and participate in co-curricular activities outside of classroom time, including an orientation program, local field trips and an international trip during spring break.
  • LLCs are open to all students of sophomore-standing or higher, including transfer students.
  • Students must apply for entry into an LLC.

How can I apply to be in an LLC?

Applications are available on MyCedarCrest on the Student Affairs tab once you log in. More information on the application process can also be found here.

Can I still live with my roommate who isn't in the LLC?

Yes, while we would hope that both you and your roommate would like to participate in an LLC, we understand that this isn't always possible. We permit students to sign up for housing with roommates who will not be in the LLC. However, the roommate must participate in the LLC floor community including following the standards set through the community living agreement.

What is a PAL?

PAL stands for Peer Academic Leader. A PAL is a traditional, undergraduate student who resides in each LLC and serves as an academic role model to the student participants. PALs will provide leadership on the LLC floor by planning programs, participating in discussions and fostering community. This is a paid position that students can apply for--click here for more information about this position and how to apply.

Are there additional costs to live and participate in an LLC?

There are no additional costs to participate in the LLC courses beyond the traditional costs in enroll in a 3-credit course. Many trips will be covered by the College with no additional cost to the student. However, some international trips may require partial payment by the student. Information will be provided to the students well in advance of the trip if this is the case.

Do I need to get a passport?

LLCs offer students travel opportunities both within and outside of the United States. Students are provided with trip details including documents and items they will need to secure, like passports, well in advance of a trip.

Can I participate in an LLC for more than one year?

Students can apply to participate in LLCs beginning their sophomore year through their senior year. We welcome returning LLC students to apply to different LLCs to expand their knowledge and experiences even further! Please note that students can only participate in one LLC per year.

Can I join an LLC in the spring semester?

No. Students must make the commitment for the full academic year, and the fall course is a prerequisite for the spring course. Course work completed in the fall semester prepares students for success in the spring semester.

What if I want to move?

The student can work with the office of residence life to find other housing accommodations within the LLC floor. If a student wishes to move off of the LLC floor, then this will be discussed and decided on a case by case basis with the LLC instructor. 

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Last Updated: 1/16/12