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Dance Minor

As a liberal arts college, our academic format at Cedar Crest allows students to take part in interdisciplinary studies. If you have a love of dance, yet wish to pursue a different academic major, consider adding a dance minor to your studies. Whether you’re combining a dance minor with theatre, or adding it to a degree in another academic area, Cedar Crest encourages you to explore and enhance all of your interests.

When you minor in dance at Cedar Crest College, you will learn the art of dance from multiple perspectives and experiences in order to fully understand it as a discipline of study.

Each year, dance minors have the opportunity to participate in two dance performances, including one choreographed by Cedar Crest students. You may take part in theatre productions, such as plays and musicals, during any of your years as a Cedar Crest student.

For more details on this minor, contact department chair Robin Gerchman at rmgerchma@cedarcrest.edu.