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Philosophy and ethics create intelligent discussions about the core elements of life. What do you believe and what do you do about it?

Elizabeth M. Meade, Ph.D.
Associate Provost and Professor of Philosophy
610-437-4471 ext. 3417

Applied and Professional Ethics Minor

Ethical and moral thinking is important in any professional field

Applied ethics takes a look at how moral viewpoints are put into practice in public and private life. Careers in research and biology wrestle with topics like death and dying, genetic engineering, and stem cell research. Professionals in the health care debate complex situations in medicine that require moral reflection, judgment or decision.

Increasingly, many professions require on-going education and training in ethics. The minor in Applied and Professional Ethics is designed to give our students a competitive advantage in their fields by laying the groundwork in theoretical ethics, professional ethics, and the application of ethical theory to a variety of practices and professions. It is designed to fulfill the needs of two types of students: those who wish to treat the minor as a course of study in theory and application of ethics, and those who choose to tailor it more directly to the issues proceeding from their majors.

Mission Statement

The mission of the minor in Applied and Professional Ethics is to educate students in the history and application of the major theoretical traditions of Western Ethics. It requires students to apply those theoretical frameworks to different areas of contemporary life, society and professions. Professions as diverse as law, business, medicine, nursing, and teaching are increasingly requiring their practitioners to have on-going education and training in ethics, and those practitioners who receive that training are better prepared to assume leadership roles in their fields. Thus, the minor supports Cedar Crest’s mission to prepare women for leadership, through a strong grounding in the liberal arts.