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Political Science Courses

PSC 202 Law and Justice - 3 credits

A historically-based examination of the American legal system as seen from the perspective of the institutional practices and decision making processes whereby justice is administered in the United States. Particular attention is devoted to the subject of legal reasoning as this applies to the task of interpreting constitutions, statutes, and common law principles. The course also addresses the institutional characteristics of the American judicial system, the nature of legal education in the United States and the distinctive role that lawyers and judges play in regard to both the formulation and administration of law.

PSC 207 Law and Women’s Rights - 3 credits

An analysis of the most pressing legal issues confronting women in contemporary American society. Topics include sex discrimination, family law, reproductive rights, sexual harassment, and pay equity. Particular attention is devoted to landmark federal and state court decisions relating to the meaning of women’s rights and competing judicial philosophies as to how these rights should be understood within the context of contemporary American society.

PSC 210 American Public Policy - 3 credits

An examination of the most pressing domestic issues confronting American society in the 21st century as seen from the perspective of the analytical and rhetorical techniques most commonly used by advocates to represent public policy issues and evaluate public policy choices. Topics include health care, education, criminal justice, social welfare policies, immigration, and environmental issues. Particular attention is devoted to the role that symbolic representation plays in regard to the process of defining public policy problems and identifying solutions.

PSC 211 The New Global Economy - 3 credits

A topically-based analysis of the most pressing international legal issues raised by the process of globalization. Particular attention is devoted to the subject of transnational and international crime. Topics include drug trafficking, genocide, sex trafficking, terrorism, intellectual property theft, and war crimes. The course also provides students with an introduction to the fundamentals of international law and the key institutions that comprise the international criminal justice system.

PSC 218 Criminal Procedure and Constitutional Rights - 3 credits

A legal analysis of the due process rights guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution as seen from the perspective of the institutional procedures and law enforcement techniques employed by federal and state governments. Primary attention is devoted to the Fourth, Fifth, Sixth and Eighth Amendments as they relate to government’s ability to investigate and prosecute individuals suspected of engaging in criminal activities.

PSC 250 Modern Political Thought - 3 credits

A comparative analysis of contemporary political ideologies as seen from the perspective of their philosophical assumptions, normative values, substantive political principles, and public policy agendas. Particular attention is devoted to Liberal and Conservative thought, although the course also systematically examines ideologies such as Christian and Islamic fundamentalism, Marxism, Democratic Socialism, Feminism, Fascism, and Environmentalism.

PSC 260 Special Topics - 1-3 credits
PSC 300 Topics in Law and Public Policy - 3 credits

A topically-based seminar featuring an in-depth analysis of a particular public policy issue as seen from the perspective of the legal factors and considerations associated with that issue-area. The content of the seminar varies and students may repeat the class for credit as the topic of the course changes. (Cross-listed as Honors 300).

PSC 390 Independent Study - 1-3 credits