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We follow the American Bar Association’s recommendations on undergraduate education.



LuAnn McCracken Fletcher, Ph.D.
Chair of the Department of History, Literature, and Languages
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Political Science –
Major, Minor and Pre-Law Minor

Gain analytical, communication and decision making skills with our political science major, minor or pre-law minor.

By studying the field of political science at Cedar Crest College, you will prepare yourself well for a wide array of exciting, vital and valuable careers—any of which will enable you to reach your fullest potential and to help shape the course of the future. Your studies in our political science department will provide you with the strong foundation of knowledge and skills you need to succeed.

Cedar Crest Student

As a political science student at Cedar Crest College, you will attain a deeper understanding of the relationship between law and justice. You will also develop important skills—such as critical thinking, problem solving, leadership and oral and written communication—that will serve you well in any future endeavor. Today’s employers increasingly seek individuals with such skills, especially in higher-level positions. Upon graduation, you will be able to analyze situations from numerous viewpoints and to articulate your thoughts to others.

For Political Science Majors and Minors

Our political science major and minor programs are both multidisciplinary programs of study that will expose you to diverse academic perspectives and disciplines, including:

  • Criminal justice
  • Economics
  • Forensics
  • History
  • International affairs
  • Philosophy
  • Politics
  • Sociology
  • And more

In exploring a variety of subject areas, you will gain an in-depth and comprehensive understanding of the relationship between law and other academic fields. Our political science major and minor adhere to the American Bar Association’s recommendations on undergraduate education by offering you a multidisciplinary program (see above).

Cedar Crest also offers a pre-law program that provides instruction on the law school admission process, while also educating you on the fundamentals of law and justice in Western societies. Successful completion of this program also satisfies the requirements for a minor in political science.

Several of our students have chosen to pursue a law degree after earning their bachelor’s degree in political science. All of the Cedar Crest political science graduates who have applied to law school were accepted by at least one institution.

Our graduates have attended a number of law schools across the country, including:

  • Albany Law School
  • American University
  • Brooklyn Law School
  • Penn State
  • Temple
  • University of North Carolina
  • University of Pittsburgh
  • Villanova
  • Wake Forest
  • Washington & Lee
  • William & Mary

Program Requirements

Pre-Law Minor