Academic Services


First-year students work directly with a trained faculty advisor. The advisor helps students adjust to college life, make course selections each semester, and choose an academic major. First-year students meet regularly with their faculty advisors in College Life 101, a course designed to help students develop a working relationship with their advisor and make the transition to the campus environment. Once students declare a major, they are assigned faculty advisors from the department in which they declare. Faculty advisors are available to meet with students during posted office hours and by appointment. The staff in Academic Services is also available to assist students in any part of the liberal arts curriculum and to guide them on academic policies and procedures. Please feel free to call Academic Services with any academic questions or concerns.

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Students' Right to Privacy

Faculty and staff observe the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (FERPA also known as "the Buckley Amendment"), which states that your educational records are considered confidential. Academic Advisors/faculty members are required by FERPA not to disclose any information about you to parents (or anyone else) unless you provide written permission to release the information, or the written request is from a law enforcement agency.

If you choose to share your academic information with your parents or anyone else, you must complete a Permission to Release Information form, which is available from the Registrar's Office and in their folder on My CedarCrest. You give permission to release information by completing and submitting the form to the Registrar's Office. The completed form is held in your file in the Registrar's Office and a copy is forwarded to your advisor. You may cancel your permission to release information at any time.