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The Real Cost of College

Concerned about the expense of attending a private college? Don’t be: 98% of Cedar Crest College students receive scholarships or other forms of financial aid. Scholarships and financial aid can have a dramatic impact on the actual cost of college each year.

How much will college cost YOU?

Every student who is accepted into Cedar Crest College will receive a customized aid package from our Student Financial Services office. This package includes aid that is based on financial need, as well as “merit scholarships” (for academic and extracurricular achievement), and any additional grants or loans that you are qualified to receive.


It's easier than ever to get a quick look at the REAL cost of college. Check out our easy-to-use Student Aid Calculator—just plug in your numbers and some basic information to get an estimated aid package, including scholarships, grants and loans. Try our Student Aid Calculator now!

Last Updated: 12/1/11