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Accepted Students Day:
Forensic Speech Scholarship

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Qualified first-year students who plan on competing with the Forensic Speech Team at Cedar Crest College may audition for renewable $1,500 scholarships, regardless of the anticipated major or field of study. The Admissions office will notify all those who audition of their scholarship status.

Those interested in a Forensic Speech Scholarship must meet the following criteria:

  • Must have previous speech and/or debate experience in middle or high school;
  • Must complete an audition for the Director of Forensic Speech;
  • Must be willing/able to travel to forensics tournaments a minimum of four weekends per semester; and
  • Must be willing/able to compete in a minimum of three individual events per semester.

Those who audition should prepare an 8-10 minute oral interpretation presentation (prose, poetry, or dramatic interpretation), or an 8-10 minute public address presentation (informative or persuasive). Manuscripts in binders are preferable for oral interpretation presentations. Memorization is preferable for public address presentations.

Those who audition will also complete a short interview with the Director of Forensic Speech, and may want to be prepared to discuss their past, present and intended future involvement within forensic speech. In addition, please provide one letter of recommendation from a forensic speech coach, advisor, or teacher.

Please contact Tim Brown, Director of Forensic Speech, at tbrown@cedarcrest.edu if there are any questions about the Forensic Speech Team at Cedar Crest College, or if you desire further information.


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