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Congratulations to
April's winner
Barbara Leonard Boyer '56


2016 Faculty Award

Faculty Eligible for the 2016 Faculty Award


Nelson Maniscalco
Jill Odegaard

Biological Sciences

John Cigliano
Audrey Ettinger
Amy Faivre
Joy Karnas
Richard Kliman
Andre Walther

 Business, Management and Economics

Ibolya Balog
Chris Duelfer

 Chemical and Physical Sciences

Jeanne Berk
Thomas Brettell
Pamela Kistler
Larry Quarino
David Raker
Marianne Staretz
Hyacinth Vedage 


James Brancato
Elizabeth Ortiz


Joan Kern
Nancy King
Jill Purdy

History, Language & Literature

LuAnn McCracken Fletcher
Carol Pulham
James Ward


Nancy Johnston
Lisa Lacko*
Sandra Leh
Sharon Melincavage
Mae Ann Pasquale
Wendy Robb
Joan Timalonis


Kathryn Fosselius
Martine Scannavino

Performing Arts

Roxanne Amico
Tim Brown
Kevin Gallagher
Robin Gerchman


Kerrie Baker
Sharon Himmanen
Diane Moyer
Micah Sadigh
James Scepansky
Jane Tyler Ward

Social Sciences

Kathleen Boland*
Maynard Cressman
Scott Hoke
E. Allen Richardson
Suzanne Weaver

*Recent recipient, not eligible this year.


Nomination Form

I wish to Nominate :

To support your nomination, please refer to the questions below and write a summary statement in the form of a well constructed essay, addressing at least two of the questions and using specific examples where appropriate.

Questions descriptive of teaching excellence:

  1. How did the professor demonstrate sound scholarship through knowledge of her/his field?
  2. Did the professor have high expectations for the students and set challenging standards? Give examples.
  3. How did the professor stimulate intellectual curiosity, encourage independent thinking, or inspire you to do something further on your own?
  4. Did the professor provide opportunities to discuss various points of view? Give an example of a discussion, facilitated by the faculty member, that sparked good debate among students.
  5. How did the professor's style of instruction make the subject more understandable and more interesting?
  6. What makes this professor unique?
  7. How did this person's excellence in teaching make a difference in your life?


NOTE: All nominations submitted within the previous three years will automatically be reconsidered. 

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Nominations must be returned by February 29, 2016