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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Academic Advising

Students meet with their faculty advisors to discuss academic goals and interests as well as to make course selections each semester.

Assignment to advisor

Incoming Freshmen: Incoming freshmen are assigned a faculty advisor. When possible the assigned advisor is from the area of interest expressed by the student at the time of application.

Transfer Students: A faculty advisor is matched with a transferring student prior to her first semester of study. A student’s faculty advisor may change when the student officially declares a major.

New lifelong learning students: Non-traditional students are advised by an admissions representative in the Center for Lifelong Learning until they formally declare an academic major. At the time a student declares an academic major, a faculty advisor is assigned by the Chair of the department in which the student plans to major.

Double Majors and Co-Majors: These students should consult with advisors from both academic disciplines prior to registration.