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CATALOG • 2009-2010


Academic Programs

Provost: Carol A. Pulham, Ph.D.
Associate Provost: Kathleen Boland, Ph.D.
Executive Assistant to the Provost: Margie E. Stauffer
Assistant to the Provost: Robin Schenkel, B.S.
Director of Institutional Research: Marie Wilde, M.Ed., M.S.
Dean of Graduate Programs: Kim Spiezio, Ph.D.

Academic Services

Director: Christine Nowik, M.A.
ESL Specialist/Special Populations Advisor: Kenza Glass, M.S.Ed.
Coordinator of Science and Math Resources: Gary Moll, B.S.
Science Coordinator: Lynn Ritter, A.B.
Writing Center Coordinator: Eileen Brumit, M.A.
Disabilities Specialist: Karen Schoenborn, M.A.

Admissions, Financial Aid and Enrollment Management

Senior Executive Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Affairs: Kimberly Owens, Ph.D.
Assistant to the Senior Executive Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Affairs: Margaret Shupp
Director of Student Financial Services: Lorianne Williams, B.A.
Associate Director of Student Financial Services: Jennifer Carpenter, B.S.
Associate Director of Student Financial Services: Gina A. Moore, B.S.
Associate Director of Admissions: Abby P. Moser, B.A.
Associate Director of Admissions: Andrea C. Stewart, B.A.
Admissions Counselor: Courtney Lomax, B.A.
Admissions Counselor: Megan J. Schroeder, B.A.
Admissions Counselor: Katrina Xander, B.S.
Database Manager: Roxana Shupp, B.S.

Allen Center for Nutrition

Director: Martine Scannavino, DHSc,RD,LDN

Alumnae Affairs

Executive Director: Susan Seccombe Cox, B.A.
Assistant Director of Alumnae Affairs: Diane Gehringer, B.A

Center for Lifelong Learning

Director: Nancy Hollinger, M.Ed.
Assistant Director: Kristine Lendvay, M.Ed.
Assistant Director: Michael Yergey, B.A.
Admission Representative: Mary Ellen Hicks, B.A.
Admission Representative : Michele Potts, B.A.
Database Coordinator: Suzanne Pararszcak

College Relations

Media Relations Associate: David Jwanier, B.A.
Internal Communication and Special Events Associate: Elizabeth Brandl, B.A.
Web Design and Electronic Media Associate: Paul N. Pastrone, B.A.
Graphic Design Associate: Kimberly Harrison, B.A.


Director: Joseph Hartner
Assistant to the Director: Denise Eckert
Supervisor, Custodial Services: Michael Mille
Supervisor, Maintenance: Roger Borman, A.B.
Supervisor, Grounds: William Rantz

Finance and Administration

Executive Vice President of Finance and Administration/Treasurer: Elaine N. Deutch, M.S.
Executive Assistant: Leslie K. Zavar
Human Resources Director: Margie Grandinetti, M.S.
Compensation Manager: Heather Hartner, A.B.
Human Resources Generalist: Amanda Fredd
Controller: Audra Hoffman, B.A.,B.S.
Assistant Controller: Valerie Kreiser, A.B.
Accounting Assistant: Marca Kreger, B.S.
Purchasing Coordinator: Karen Khattari
Printing Coordinator: TBA
Accounts Payable Coordinator: Mary Deutsch

General Services

Director of General Services: Walter J. Baransky, B.A.

Information Technology

Director of Information Technology: Kathleen Cunningham, B.S.
Assistant Director: Julie Hobert, B.S.
Web Programmer/Analyst: Paul Edinger, B.S.
Educational Technology Specialist: Matthew Kile, M.S.
Information Technology Specialist: Shannon Pretko, B.S.
Information Technology Specialist: Scott Koder
Network Administrator: Michael Ortiz, B.S.

Institutional Advancement

Vice President of Institutional Advancement: Patricia Moran, M.B.A.
Director of Annual Fund: TBA
Assistant Director of Annual Fund: Mary Hunter, B.A.
Leadership Gifts Officer: Katherine Davis Santoro, B.A.
Information Services Manager: Linda George, B.S.
Information Services Assistant: Brandi Furry, B.A.
Director of Foundation & Government Relations: Marcie Walker, Ph.D.
Manager of Advancement Research: Barbara Esteve, B.A.


Director: Mary Beth A. Freeh, M.L.S.
Head of Information & Instructional Services: Carolyn C.Nippert, M.L.S.
Cataloger: Barbara Bollinger, M.S.L.S.
Systems Librarian & Information Technologist: Sheri Schneider, M.S., M.S.L.S.
Lending Services Supervisor: Susan Phillips, B.S.

Office of the President

President: Carmen Twillie Ambar, M.A., J.D.
Executive Assistant to the President: Cheryl Wenner, B.A.
Assistant to the President: Karen Dorney, A.B.

Registrar’s Office

Registrar: Janet Baker, B.A.
Associate Registrar: Stacey Berger, B.S.
Office Coordinator: Ashley Hall, B.A.
Registration Systems Analyst: Lyn Williams, B.S.

Rodale Aquatic Center for Civic Health

Director: Scott Rowlands, B.A.
Director: Susan Danish
Office Manager: Jennifer Helmuth, B.A.
Fitness Coordinator/Head Lifeguard: Seth Rehrig

Safety and Security

Chief of Campus Security: Mark Vitalos
Assistant Chief of Campus Security: Roger Johns, B.A.
Assistant to Security and General Services: Carolyn Mraz 

Student Affairs

Senior Executive Vice President Enrollment Management and Student Affairs: Kimberly Owens, Psy.D.
Dean: TBA
Acting Dean of Student Affairs: Denise O’Neill, Ph.D.
Assistant to the Dean: Sheryl Riddlestorffer
Director of Athletics: Kristin Maile, M.B.A.
Assistant Director of Athletics: Dan Donahue, B.S.
Athletic Trainer: Beth Oudin, B.S., ATC, CSCS
Assistant to the Director: TBA
Director of Athletic Communications: Marci Lippert, M.Ed
Director of Career Planning: Melissa Faulkner, M.Ed.
Director of Community Services Programs: Tammy Bean, M.Ed.
Director of Residence Life: Kelly Mycek, B.A.
Residence Life Coordinator: Kiara  Brown, B.S.
Residence Life Coordinator: Angela Kramer, B.A.
Residence Life Coordinator: Kelly Ann Murray, B.S.
Health and Wellness Coordinator: Valerie Donahue, B.S.N.

Tompkins College Center

Director of College Center Services Allison Valentine, B.A.
Assistant to the Director Mary Pat Phillip, A.A.S.  

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