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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Applied and Professional Ethics – Minor

For information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Meade.

Increasingly, many professions require on-going education and training in ethics. The minor in Applied and Professional Ethics is designed to give our students a competitive advantage in their fields by laying the groundwork in theoretical ethics, professional ethics, and the application of ethical theory to a variety of practices and professions. It is designed to fulfill the needs of two types of students: those who wish to treat the minor as a course of study in theory and application of ethics, and those who choose to tailor it more directly to the issues proceeding from their majors.

Requirements for the Minor in Applied and Professional Ethics Minor

(18 credits)
The following two courses are required for all:
PHI 200 Ethics 3 credits
PHI 250 Introduction to Professional Ethics 3 credits

Four electives (12 credits) must be chosen from a range of courses across the curriculum or any selected special topics courses on an individual area of professional or applied ethics. Consult the adviser for the minor for final approval of electives not on the following list:

BIO 320 Biomedical Ethics 3 credits
CHE 349 Professional Issues in Forensic Science 3 credits
CST 234 Media, Law and Ethics 3 credits
NMT 452 Patient Ethics 1 credit
SOC 313 Minorities and Human Relations 3 credits