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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Business Administration - Major/Minor

For information, contact Gaetan T. Giannini, MBA.

The mission of the major is to provide an educational experience that allows the graduate to engage the world with passion and skill as a business leader and strong human being, and the focus to discover where her talents meet the needs of the community. This program is a unique blend of a liberal arts education and professional training that incorporates modern thinking in creativity, communication, leadership, relationships, and analysis, with the fundamental rigor of functional skills necessary to lead and grow organizations.  To maximize their professional development, students are encouraged to study other fields. They may minor in Economics, or may study a field complimentary to business such as Psychology, Communications, the Sciences, the Arts or Computer Technology.
Whether students envision themselves in an entrepreneurial enterprise, a multinational corporation, or a non-profit organization, our education prepares students with the knowledge and passion to connect with success in the business world.

Requirements for the Business Administration Major

To be certified for graduation, a student majoring in business administration must take a minimum of 30 credits of course work in the Department of Business, Management, and Economics at Cedar Crest College. To be admitted to the major, the student must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.250. All courses within the major must be passed with a grade of C or better. A minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.250 and a minimum average in the major of 2.250 must be achieved.  All students must complete the Department Core Courses, the Business Administration Requirements, and the requirements of at least one concentration.

Department Core Courses

Students majoring in the Department of Business, Management, and Economics are required to take the following courses, in addition to courses required for their specific major:

ACC 101 Financial Accounting 3 credits
ACC 102 Managerial Accounting 3 credits
BUA 110 Principles of Management 3 credits
BUA 221 Business Law 3 credits
BUA 250 Principles of Finance 3 credits
BUA 281 Business Ethics 4 credits
BUA 300 Writing for Management 3 credits
BUA 345 Operations and Supply Chain Management 3 credits
BUA 351 Applied Strategic Management I 3 credits
BUA 352 Applied Strategic Management II 3 credits
CIS 215 Advanced Business Computing 3 credits
ECO 101 Principles of Economics: Macro 3 credits
ECO 102 Principles of Economics: Micro 3 credits
MAT 105 Mathematics for Business or MAT 141 Calculus I 3 credits
MAT 110 Probability & Statistics 3 credits
MRK 230 Principles of Marketing 3 credits