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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Film Studies – Minor

For information, contact Dr. James Brancato.

Cedar Crest offers a minor in film studies, which is the interdisciplinary study of film as an art and medium of communication.  The minor is a collaboration between faculty and programs who have courses at Cedar Crest College that focus on one or more of the following aspects of film: film history; film genre study; film and persuasion; film analysis and critique; film as cultural and socio-historical artifact.  Film studies is rooted in a commitment to the liberal arts, and especially to the development of critical thinking skills.  Courses in film studies illuminate both the medium of film and also the specific topic under exploration, and can promote understanding of both historical and contemporary social and political issues.  It can also promote technological and cultural literacy, as students learn the techniques of film and video as communicative and persuasive media that help to shape cultural values.

Courses and Requirements (18 credits total)*
Required Courses:
CST 130    Introduction to Film
CST 201    History of Cinema
Four Other Courses, Chosen Among the Following Existing Courses:
CST 222   Race and Gender in the Media
CST 224   Video Production
CST 240   Topics in Film.  Can be taken more than once after consultation with an advisor to the minor.  
CST 324   Video Production II
ENG 280   Women Go to the Movies, or How to Read a Film
HIS 220   Film and History

*No more than two courses from a student’s major may be used to satisfy the requirements for the Film Studies minor. Communication credits in the Film Studies minor can count toward a Communication minor, with the following restrictions: approval of advisor; no more than 6 credits total can count toward both minors.