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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Gender Studies – Minor

For information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Meade.

Cedar Crest offers a minor in gender studies, an interdisciplinary field of study that looks at the influence on human thinking, behaviors and, consequently, institutions of cultural understandings of masculinity and femininity, class, race, ethnicity, age and physical ability. Students contemplating careers in counseling, teaching, human resources, law, or medicine will find that a sensitivity to and an ability to analyze and respond to gender dynamics will strengthen their appeal to potential employers as well as contribute to their success on the job.

Requirements for the Gender Studies Minor (18 credit minimum)*

The minor requires a core of the following courses:
GND 100 Introduction to Gender Studies 3 credits
PHI 141 Philosophy of Woman 3 credits
GND 350 Research in Gender Studies 1 credit

Plus choose four courses (11-12 credits) from the following:
ANT 100 Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
ANT 310 Women in the Developing World 3 credits
ART 220 Women Artists 3 credits
CST 222/GND 222  Race and Gender in the Media 3 credits
CST 240 Topics in Film 3 credits
(as appropriate topic is offered)
ENG 280 Women Go to the Movies, or  How to Read a Film 3 credits
ENG 380 Women Writers 3 credits
(ENG 200 recommended as a prerequisite, but not required)
NTR 114 Nutrition and the Elderly 3 credits
NTR 212 Nutrition for Women and Children 3 credits
(NTR 210 is a prerequisite, or permission of instructor)
PSY/HON 224  Women in the Workplace 3 credits
PSY 209 Family Dynamics 3 credits
PSY 250 Life-Span Development (PSY 100 prerequisite) 3 credits
SOC/SWK 243  Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging 4 credits
SOC 304 Inequality and Power in American Society 3 credits
SOC/SWK 313  Minorities and Human Relations 3 credits
SOC/SWK 321 The Family as a Social Institution 3 credits
SOC 329 Practices, Policies and Politics of Aging 3 credits
SPA 310 Hispanic Women Writers 3 credits
SWK 254 Violence in the Family 3 credits
SWK 328 Poverty and Income Redistribution 3 credits
(SWK 201 and 202 are prerequisites, or permission of instructor)

These courses taught across the curriculum focus specifically on gender issues. One of the courses chosen must examine a category other than, or in addition to, “woman” (e.g. masculinity, age, race, ethnicity, class or physical ability). Other courses, such as special topic courses, may count for the minor as they are offered. See department chair for details.

*No more than two courses from a student’s major may be used to satisfy the requirements for the Gender Studies minor.