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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Marketing - Major/Minor

For information, contact Gaetan T. Giannini, MBA.

The mission of the marketing degree program at Cedar Crest College is to prepare students for a career as a leader of marketing departments and organizations through well rounded exposure to rigorous study of marketing theory and hands-on, practical experience in the combined areas of creativity, public relations, promotions, direct marketing, branding, advertising, sales management, international commerce, marketing planning, and effective implementation.  
The program will provide the student with a solid, core business education that includes accounting, finance, economics, business writing, law, and management curriculum.  A graduate of the program will understand the workings of any business entity, and understand the complexities of the greater economic environment.  A critical component of this program is the student’s strong foundation in the liberal arts. Marketing is the science and practice of creating personal or mass relationships that influence people and organizations to change or maintain certain behaviors.  This program requires students have a broad base of knowledge of the human experience, critical thinking skills, and the ability to interact with others on a meaningful and ethical level.  

Requirements for the Marketing Major

To be certified for graduation, a student majoring in marketing must take a minimum of 30 credits of course work in the Department of Business, Management, and Economics at Cedar Crest College. To be admitted to the major, the student must have a minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.250. All courses within the major must be passed with a grade of C or better. A minimum cumulative grade-point average of 2.250 and a minimum average in the major of 2.250 must be achieved.  All students must complete the department core courses, the marketing requirements,  and four upper level electives.

Department Core Courses

Students majoring in the Department of Business, Management, and Economics are required to take the following courses, in addition to courses required for their specific major:

ACC 101 Financial Accounting 3 credits
ACC 102 Managerial Accounting 3 credits
BUA 110 Principles of Management 3 credits
BUA 221 Business Law 3 credits
BUA 250 Principles of Finance 3 credits
BUA 281 Business Ethics 4 credits
BUA 300 Writing for Management 3 credits
BUA 345 Operations and Supply Chain Management
BUA 351 Applied Strategic Management I   3 credits
CIS 215 Advanced Business Computing 3 credits
ECO 101 Principles of Economics: Macro 3 credits
ECO 102 Principles of Economics: Micro 3 credits
MAT 105 Mathematics for Business or  MAT 141 Calculus I 3 credits
MAT 110 Probability & Statistics 3 credits
MRK 230 Principles of Marketing 3 credits
MRK 352 Applied Strategic Management II 3 credits

Marketing Requirements

MRK 240 Applied Public Relations 3 credits
MRK 250 Consumer Behavior 3 credits
MRK 320 Marketing Research 3 credits
PSY 100 General Psychology 3 credits

Marketing Electives

Choose four of the following:
BUA 328 Power, Influence, and Negotiation 3 credits
BUA 335 Retail Management 3 credits
CST 170 Introduction to Mass Communications or
CST 216 The Crestiad: Staff 3 credits
MRK 330 Branding 3 credits
MRK 331 Service Marketing 3 credits
MRK 332 Sales Management 3 credits
MRK 334 Applied Advertising 3 credits
MRK 335 B-to-B Marketing 3 credits
MRK 336 Global Marketing 3 credits
MRK 390 Independent Study 3 credits
SPS 270 Internship 3 credits