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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Masters Degree in Education/5 Year Program

The B.S./M.Ed. program allows students to complete a baccalaureate degree and a Master of Education in Learning and Teaching degree in  five years. Contact the Education Department for more information.

Student Teaching Honorarium Fees:*
There is an honorarium fee for student teaching (EDU-371, EDU-372 or SPE-375). Please refer to the Academic Fees section for current rate. This fee is non-refundable once placements have been officially assigned.

Departmental Review for Field Placement

Students majoring in Education, Nuclear Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition or Social Work are required to complete a field practicum or clinical experience. Because this requirement necessitates working with the public in a professional setting, it is important that the student has advanced interpersonal skills, mature judgment, and appropriate professional demeanor. Thus faculty in these programs will review students prior to the practicum and make appropriate recommendations up to and including removal from placement.
Education requirements are aligned with the PDE and therefore subject to change.

Student Teaching Candidates Deadlines/Required Meetings
2008-2011­ CALENDAR

*Check for announcements on the bulletin board outside of the Education Office and on your e-mail. Rev. 5/09