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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Philosophy – Minor

For information, contact Dr. Elizabeth Meade.

The minor in philosophy allows students to explore the fundamental questions of human existence and to engage in a variety of cross-disciplinary dialogues. A perfect complement to majors in many of the traditional liberal arts disciplines, the philosophy minor is excellent preparation for students considering graduate school or law school.

Requirements for the Minor in Philosophy (18 credits)

The minor requires the following courses:
PHI 100 Introduction to Philosophy 3 credits
PHI 105 World Philosophy 3 credits

Four electives (12 credits) must be chosen from the following list:
PHI 131 Introduction to Logic 3 credits
PHI 141 Philosophy of Woman 3 credits
PHI 200 Ethics 3 credits
PHI 201 Ancient Philosophy 3 credits
PHI 217 Aesthetics 3 credits
PHI 320 Biomedical Ethics 3 credits
PHI 360 Special Topics 3 credits