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CATALOG • 2009-2010

School Nurse Certification Program

For Information Contact Debra Woodruff-Capper

An applicant to the school nurse certification program must be an RN licensed to practice with one year of professional experience and a baccalaureate degree in nursing. A GPA of 2.500 is required for admission and progression in the program.

Requirements for the School Nurse Certification Program

EDU 100 American Education 3 credits
EDU 150 Educational Planning 3 credits
SPE 243 The Exceptional Child 3 credits
PSY 250 Life-Span Development 3 credits
SNC 380 Methodology in School Health Services 3 credits
SNC 381 School Nurse Practicum 5 credits

All candidates for the school nurse certificate, both in state and out of state, must take SNC 380 and 381 in sequential order and within one academic year.  Candidates for certification in Pennsylvania must have proof of successful completion of the following college level courses; 1 in American or British Literature, 1 in Writing, and 2 in Math.

Clinical Requirements

All students must provide proof of RN licensure from the state of Pennsylvania.  Students must also submit the following requirements November 1:
• Clearance from Health Services
• FBI criminal background check
• Child abuse history clearance
• CPR certification – level C
• Proof of health insurance

CPR Requirement

Proof of current Level-C-CPR certification is required prior to all nursing clinical courses. CPR certification is the responsibility of the student and must be maintained through graduation. Expenses (in addition to comprehensive and special fees)

Nursing students are responsible for any fees involved when obtaining the required physical exam, health insurance, liability insurance, personal background checks, immunizations, CPR training, ID badges, clinical laboratory supplies, textbooks and references, travel, professional and scholarly activities.