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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Spanish Major/Minor

For information, contact Professor Amelia Moreno.

The Spanish program at Cedar Crest College offers students the opportunity to acquire a solid foundation of communication skills in Spanish: reading, writing, speaking and listening.  In addition, students encounter the literature and cultures of Spanish speaking people around the world.

Requirements for the Spanish Major: (30 credits)

Required courses:
SPA 301 Conversation and Composition
SPA 302 Advanced Conversation and Composition

Elective Courses: Students must choose 8 additional electives, of which a minimum of 5 must be at the 300 level.  All electives must be above SPA 202.
All courses must be completed with a grade of C or higher.  A minimum of 18 credits must be completed at Cedar Crest College.

Requirements for the Spanish minor: (18 credits)

Required Courses:
SPA 301 Conversation and Composition
SPA 302 Advanced Conversation and Composition
Elective Courses: Students must choose 12 additional credits at any level.

Requirements for the Spanish Major with Secondary Education:

Students intending to pursue the Spanish major in combination with education must take the following 300-level courses in the process of satisfying the requirements for the Spanish major:
SPA 300 Linguistics and Translation

Plus one of the following:
SPA 311 Hispanic Culture and Civilization
SPA 312 Hispanic Popular Culture in the United States
SPA 313 Caribbean Literature
Education majors and/or Spanish certification candidates who are scheduled to student teach must take SPA 302 and be formally evaluated in oral proficiency BEFORE their student teaching semester.

Placement Guidelines:

Students who have had four years of successful language study in Spanish in high school should be placed at the 300 level.  Students who have had three years of successfully Spanish language study should be placed at the 200 level.  Students with two years should be placed in SPA 102.  Students with one year or less should begin with SPA 101.  A placement test is available for anyone seeking an exemption to this policy.

AP Credit

Students who have earned an AP Exam grade of 4 or 5 are exempt from SPA 301 and will receive three credits toward the major or minor.

College Wide Requirements
Math: Students may take any two courses fulfilling the Math and Logic requirement
Oral Presentation: Students may take THS 105 or any class fulfilling this requirement
Technology: Students may take CIS 105 or any course fulfilling this requirement
Information Literacy: Fulfilled in the process of the major