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CATALOG • 2009-2010

Student Affairs

Dean of Student Affairs

Student Affairs is committed to the holistic development of students through intentional programming and services. Members of the Student Affairs staff work collaboratively to foster an environment that promotes health and wellness, the development of women's leadership skills, and a commitment to civic engagement. Through co-curricular involvement students are encouraged to develop a spirit of cooperation, respect for diverse people and ideas, and the ability to become productive members of the larger community.

Career Planning Office

The Career Planning Office offers a variety of services to assist students in identifying and reaching their career goals. Through individual counseling and career development programs, students become involved in the career planning process early in their academic careers. Programs and services include assistance in choosing or changing a major, clarifying personal and professional goals, writing resumes and cover letters, developing interviewing skills, formulating job-search strategies and preparing for professional positions. sophomores, juniors and seniors may participate in the internship program to gain valuable, practical experience during the fall, spring and summer semesters. Students interested in participating in the internship program should contact the Career Planning Office or visit the website at www.cedarcrest.edu/career (for information regarding internships, see page 6.)Two one credit courses are taught by the Director of Career Planning. For freshmen and sophomores, the course "Exploring Your Future" offered each fall emphasizes the exploration of the self by identifying skills, values, interests and goals to determine a major and its relationship to a career. For juniors and seniors, "Launching a Career Search," offered each spring, helps students prepare for the job market by focusing on decision-making and interview techniques, developing a resume and planning creative and successful job search strategies. The Career Planning Library offers a large collection of resources to help students investigate career options, prepare for successful employment and make career changes. Computerized career guidance systems, Focus and College Central Network are also available. The Career Planning Office maintains job listings for summer, part-time and full-time positions in local, national and international companies. All students have access to the resources of the Career Planning Office during normal business hours. In addition, the office is open late one night a week to accommodate lifelong learning students.


The College views a student's spiritual development as an integral part of her educational experience. To this end, Cedar Crest provides students of all faiths the opportunity to seek avenues of personal growth. The chaplain facilitates on-campus activities for students of all faiths and assists all students who wish to interact with a local faith community. The Allentown area is home to many religions denominations. Campus religious activities include worship services, interest groups, and various programs. The chaplain also is available for support and counseling on spiritual concerns and provides programs on campus to address a variety of issues important to our student community.

Health and Counseling Services

Good health is important to students and to the College. The health services staff takes an active role in promoting wellness among students, including conducting programs on preventive health care, sexuality and healthy life-styles. Health and counseling services are available to all full-time traditional students when classes are in session during the fall and spring semesters and is located on the ground floor of Curtis Hall. Referrals to off-campus medical and psychological specialists are available as needed. Services include treatment of acute and chronic illnesses and injuries, immunizations, allergy injections and routine gynecological care. The College psychotherapists offer support and counseling on a broad range of adjustment and mental health concerns. The therapist also participates in educational programs on campus. Students may schedule visits with Health and Counseling Services during the academic year by calling 610-606-4666, extension 3476.

Health Policy

Cedar Crest College is committed to providing a safe environment for its students and has formulated its Health Policy based on guidelines presented by the American College Health Association. Students with serious, acute and chronic conditions are encouraged to inform Health and Counseling Services about their illness so that they may receive evaluation and treatment and/or information and referral for appropriate care. Health information provided will be used, if necessary, solely as an aid to provide health care to the student. This information is strictly for the use of Health Services and will not be released to anyone without the student's knowledge or consent. The Dean of Student Affairs reserves the right to contact parents or guardians in situations where a student's health or welfare is at risk. On admission to the College students receive a College Health Form which must be completed prior to the beginning of classes. The form is reviewed by the Director of Health and Counseling Services and students are notified of any missing documentation. All immunizations must be completed and be up to date. The College requires all full-time students to have health insurance coverage. The College will provide a basic Accident and Sickness Plan for all full-time students who do not already have their own coverage. The cost of the plan will be included on the student's bill. A description of the plan and waiver cards for those who have other coverage are provided to students with semester materials or by the Finance Office. In cases of communicable disease, the College will follow the reporting requirements for all communicable diseases. All student concerns about communicable diseases should be directed to the Director of Health and Counseling Services.

Student Activities

The Office of Student Activities works closely with student organizations in a continuous effort to encourage student development and leadership skills in settings beyond the traditional curriculum. Student activities motivate students to learn and apply knowledge beyond the classroom. The Office of Student Activities promotes and coordinates initiatives by students, and is involved with the Student Government Association, Student Activities Board programming, orientation, and special weekends such as Winter Weekend, Family Weekend, Fall Fest, and Spring Fling. Activities include an array of social, educational and cultural programs.

The Office of Student Activities strives to establish a community in which students encounter both challenge and support. Located in Allen House, the Office of Student Activities is an ideal place for students to bring ideas and initiatives or to discover ways to become more involved and engaged in their college experience.

Community Service Center

The Lutz Center for Community Service provides numerous opportunities for students to engage themselves in the greater Lehigh Valley community. The student run office, under the guidance of the Director for Community Service, provides individuals with on-going projects such as after school tutoring programs and nursing home visits, along with a variety of one-time events such as Habitat for Humanity, Blood Drives and restocking at the local food bank. The flexibility in our programs allows all students, regardless of time commitments and interests to participate in a variety of service activities. The Lutz Center also assists clubs and organizations to plan events that meet their service interests. During the spring semester, the Lutz Center sponsors an Alternative Spring Break program, which provides a unique opportunity to travel while serving others in need. The Lutz Center is also the home to Cedar Crest's America Reads and Counts Federal Work-study program. Students that qualify are matched with a local elementary or middle school aged student to help them improve reading and math skills. The service component of the Ethical Life course is also housed at the Lutz Center. Ethical Life, which is a sophomore level course, provides students with the opportunity to study the major theories of ethics and social justice, and explore their own values and beliefs, in context of an individual's responsibility to the community. The course is designed to enhance the process of learning and self-exploration by enabling the students to put immediate practice the ideas they discuss in the classroom. The course is composed of two interdependent elements: a once a week class that meets for one hour to discuss theories of ethics, community and social justice and a 28 hour community partnership placement where students provide a needed service that benefits the community directly. The Ethical Life course has fostered many positive and continuing partnerships for our students and the community sites.