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CATALOG • 2010-2011


Fall Sports

  • Varsity
  • Volleyball
  • Soccer
  • Field Hockey
  • Tennis
  • Cross Country

Winter Sports

  • Basketball

Spring Sports

  • Lacrosse
  • Softball

Eligibility Requirements

NCAA Division III regulations require that students be enrolled full-time, make satisfactory progress and be in good academic standing to participate in athletics In order to be eligible to participate in athletics at Cedar Crest, a student:

(1) Must be full-time, registered for a minimum of 12
credits during the semester of athletic participation.
Upper-class students must have accumulated no less
than 24 credits the two semesters prior to the current
semester of participation.

(2) Must earn the minimum number of credits for
each year of athletic team participation:

Freshman 0.00 - 23.9
Sophomore 24.0 - 54.9
Junior 55.0 - 85.9
Senior 86 or more

(3) Must notify her coach and the Director of Athletics if she drops a course during the semester so that credits can be recomputed immediately by the registrar's office.

(4) Must achieve a minimum cumulative average of 2.000 as a freshman and a minimum cumulative average of 2.000 for any subsequent semester.

Additional Programs

  • 50-Mile Club
  • Aerobic/Body Toning
  • Yoga
  • Hall Olympics
  • Healthy U
  • Group Fitness Walks
  • Rodale Aquatic Center
  • Wellness Programs
  • ActivTrax
  • Indoor Biathlon/Triathlon
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