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Student Financial Services


The Student Financial Service office is located in Room 212, Blaney Hall. Students can contact the office in person
during regular office hours, by phone (800)360-1222 or (610)606-4602 or by email to
Students are expected to use the Student Financial Services link on the portal to view financial aid information, current invoices, account history, make on-line payments or enroll in installment payment plan options. Students can use the portal to set up access for users that they have authorized to view their account information and/or make payments on their behalf.  

Cost Information

Full-time and part-time students admitted to the College through the traditional admissions office (Traditional Students) are subject to policies, fees and refund policies/regulations that refer to Traditional Students. Full-time and part-time students admitted to the College through the Center for Lifelong Learning (Lifelong Learning Students) are subject to policies, fees and refund policies/regulations that refer to Lifelong Learning Students.  Students admitted to the College as Traditional students who are determined to be independent for federal financial aid purposes by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and enroll part time will be charged the published Lifelong Learning per credit tuition and fees.  Traditional independent students enrolling part time must complete an appeal process with the Director of Student Financial Services and provide all requested documentation demonstrating financial independence due to marriage, or providing for legal dependents, including but not limited to copies of federal tax returns and proof of income source(s).

Traditional Student Cost Information for 2010-2011

The fees for full-time traditional students are based on per semester enrollment of 12-19 credits. Traditional
students enrolled in more than 19 credits will be charged $752 for each additional credit. Students who incur an overload charge for credits taken to satisfy College departmental scholarships requirements, or other co-curricular credits approved for waiver by the Provost, will not be charged for the approved overload credits.  Traditional students enrolled for less than 12 credits in the Fall and Spring semesters will be charged a per credit tuition rate of $952. Any traditional student enrolled in the Winter, May, Summer I or Summer II sessions will be charged the per credit fee for courses. Students enrolling for these sessions should contact Student Financial Services for information about financing options.

 All First Year and Returning Students

    Per Semester   Full year
Full-time Traditional Tuition   $14,283.50   $28,567
Part-time Traditional Tuition   $952  per credit    
Full-time Traditional Overload
per credit (over 19 credits/semester)
Room and Board        
Single Room   $2,864   $5,728
Deluxe Single Room   $3,866   $7,732 
Suite Single with 1/2 Bath   $3,927   $7,854
Luxury Suite Single with Full Bath   $4,029   $8,058 
Double Room    $2,505    $5,010 
Suite Double with 1/2 Bath   $2,565.50    $5,131 
Luxury Suite Double with Full Bath    $2,667.50   $5,335 
Tripe Room   $2,242   $4,484
19-Meals-per-Week Plan*   $2,265**   $4,530**
190-BlockMeal Plan   $2,115.75**   $4,231.50**
150-BlockMeal Plan   $1,885**   $3,770**
Commuter 5 Meal-per-Week plan    $450**    
Commuter 25 Block Meal Plan    $175**    
Commuter Traditional 150 Blockmeal Plan    $1,885**    
Resident Communications Fee   $175    $350

*Mandatory for all new students for entire first year
**Includes $50.00-per-semester flex plan

Academic Fee Assessments
*All Fees are non-refundable, unless otherwise designated
Applied Music Fee (MUS 191-192) – per credit: $210
Student Teaching Fee (EDU-372 or EDU-373): $300
Experiential Learning Application Fee: $50
Experiential Learning Fee – per credit awarded: $426
Proficiency Exam Fee – per credit attempted: $30
Clinical Nursing Fee (NUR 309, 311, 313, 320, 321, 330, 331, 333, 334, 335, 341, 342 per course): $250
School Nurse Preceptor Fee: $170
Nursing ATI Comprehensive Testing Fee:  $376 first clinical semester
Nursing TEAS Exam Fee: $25
Hawk Mountain Site Fee per credit: $35
Nutrition Lab Fee (NTR 220, 320) (per course): $100
Course Audit Fee (per credit): $142

Other Fee Assessments
Application/Matriculation Fee: $30
Enrollment Deposit (New First Year or Transfer Students): $100
Housing Deposit (New First Year or Transfer Students): $100
Orientation Fee (New Full-time First Year Students): $100
Orientation Fee (New Part-time First Year Students): $50
Activity Fee Full-time Traditional and Transfer Students (per semester) $100
Activity Fee Part-time Traditional and Transfer Students (per semester) $50
Activity Fee Full-time Lifelong Learning Students ( per semester): $50
Activity Fee/Part-time Lifelong Learning Student (per semester): $25
Technology Fee (full-time) $100
Technology Fee (part-time) $50
Resident Communications Fee (per semester): $175
   (includes local phone service, cable TV, internet connection and campus mailbox)
Accident/Health Insurance (per year): $489
Housing Broken Contract Fee: $200
Transcript Fee (with signed written request per copy): $5
Transcript-On-Demand Fee (with signed written request per copy): $10
Key Replacement Fee $50
Failure to return room key at check out (minimum): $50
Failure to return mailbox key at check out (minimum): $50
Failure to complete check-out of residence hall (minimum): $100
ID Replacement: $20
Vehicle Registration/Parking Permit: No Charge
Returned Check Fee: $35
Damage Fines: Assessed by the Director of Housing/Facilities
Library Fines: Assessed by Library
Traffic & Safety Violations: Assessed by Campus Security
Late Registration Fee $30
EZ Payment Plan Enrollment Fee $25 (per semester)
Full-Time Student Late Payment Fee (per month): $200
Part-Time Student Late Payment Fee (per month): $100
Tuition Deferment Late Fee (per month): $200
Breakage of laboratory equipment is assessed to the student responsible and must be paid by the close of each term.

Room and board charges do not include semester breaks.


All accepted traditional first-year and transfer students must make an enrollment deposit of $100. The deposit is applied to the charges of the first term of enrollment. The entire deposit is forfeited if the student fails to enter the College or withdraws from the College before the completion of the originally intended term. Other deposits, unless specified, are non-refundable.

Payment Due Dates and Late Fee Policy

All student account charges must be paid in full by the invoice due date before the start of each enrollment period. Students are not permitted to attend classes, occupy residence halls or use meal plans to eat in the dining hall unless full payment has been remitted or payment arrangements have been approved through Student Financial Services. Students who are not in good financial standing with the College will not be eligible to receive diplomas, transcripts or register/remain registered for future semesters. Information about and assistance with financial aid, financing resources, and payment plans are available through Student Financial Services.

Student Health Insurance                              

All Full-time traditional students are required to have medical insurance providing coverage for accidents or illness. If students do not have their own plan, the College provides an annual plan at a reasonable cost. Students who enroll in January are charged for a partial year’s coverage. The insurance fee is included on the student’s bill, unless the student submits a waiver/election form showing proof of other coverage. All waiver/election forms must be submitted prior to the first day of classes. Information about specific coverage provided by the plan is available at the Health Services Office. This basic plan may not cover all expenses incurred for the medical treatment of a student. It is strongly recommended that parents review the coverage provided to be sure it meets the student’s needs.  

Employer Tuition Reimbursement

If a student’s employer provides tuition reimbursement after the student completes course(s), the student may apply to defer his/her payment to the College until payment is provided by the employer. Students are responsible for requesting grade reports or transcripts from the Registrar’s Office to submit for employer payment. Deferred tuition must be submitted to Student Financial Services no later than four weeks after grades are available. To be eligible for tuition deferment, the student must complete an Employer Tuition Benefit Application. In addition, each semester the student must submit a Tuition Deferment Form prior to the semester due date. It is the student’s responsibility to notify the College of any change in employment or benefits. Students are responsible for payment in full of all tuition, whether or not reimbursement is ever received from the employer. If payment is not received by the tuition deferment due date, students will be charged a $200 late fee per month. All forms are available through Student Financial Services, via email request to or on the portal. 

Financial Refund Policies for Withdrawal/Separation from the College or Courses

It is a student’s responsibility to notify the College when it is necessary to withdraw from course enrollment (from individual courses or from all courses) for any reason. Withdrawal or Leave of Absence Notification can be made through the Registrar’s link at on the College’s student web information system. Students must have a valid User ID and password to access this function. For additional information regarding Withdrawal or Leave of Absence procedures, please refer to the Academic Policies and Services section of the Catalog.
All students who withdraw from all courses during a semester or session, either by official notification to the College, or by failing to remain enrolled in courses as expected without any notification to the College are considered to have Withdrawn/Separated from the College and are subject to the Financial Refund Policy for Students Withdrawing/Separating from the College.
If a student is withdrawing from individual courses during a semester, but will continue to be enrolled in remaining courses, or receives a letter grade for any course that session, they are not considered to have withdrawn or separated from the College and may be subject to a refund of individual course charges under the Financial Refund Policy for Students Withdrawing from Course(s).
Assistance with the withdrawal process can be obtained through Academic Advising, the Registrar’s Office or Student Financial Services. Resident students must notify the Director of Residence Life whenever they plan to vacate a residence hall prior to the end of their contract period. Students who are withdrawn from the College or from housing for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for any refund, except pro-rated board, unless required by federal, state, or other regulations.

Financial Refund Policy for Students Withdrawing/Separating from the College

Students withdrawing from the College (or from all classes) after the first day of the semester, but prior to the 60% point of the semester, will have all tuition, fees designated as refundable, and financial aid (federal Title IV funds, state funds and institutional aid) pro-rated based on the number of calendar days remaining in the semester. Calendar days are calculated as the number of calendar days completed out of the total number of calendar days in a semester, excluding scheduled semester breaks of five days or more. After the 60%point of the semester, no adjustment to tuition, fees or financial aid will be made.
Resident students will receive a 90% refund if terminating their housing contract within the drop/add period (first week of the semester). After the close of the drop/add period, no refund of room charges will be made. Board charges (meal-plans) will be pro-rated to the 60% point of the semester and a pro-rata refund will be issued to the student.
There is no refund of the Resident Communication Fee after the semester begins. Title IV financial aid recipients will have the unearned portion of financial aid (grants and/or loans) returned to the Title IV funding source, in accordance with the federal Return of Funds policy governing Title IV assistance.
Recipients of Title IV financial aid who are subject to a calculation of eligibility after withdrawal will have funds returned to Title IV programs in the following order, as applicable: Unsubsidized Direct Stafford Loan, Subsidized Direct Stafford Loan, Perkins Loan, Direct PLUS (Graduate Student), Direct PLUS (Parent), Pell Grant, Academic Competitiveness Grant (ACG), National SMART Grant, FSEOG, TEACH Grant, other Title IV assistance. Detailed Title IV policy regarding the adjustment of federal financial aid funds is available by request through Student Financial Services.

Financial Refund Policy for Students Withdrawing from Course(s)

Full-time traditional students who drop below12 credits after the end of the drop/add period, based on enrollment in a course or in an accelerated course and failure to attend, will receive no adjustment to the full-time tuition charge and may be subject to an adjustment to financial aid and other charges.
Lifelong Learning or part-time traditional students who drop during the drop/add period without replacing an equal number of credits in the same period, or who withdraw from courses after the end of the drop/add period, will receive an adjustment of tuition, fees (if applicable), and financial aid as required, based on the date of withdrawal, according to the following schedule:

Course Withdrawal Financial Refund Schedule:

Students must use the College’s published requirement for notification of withdrawal in order to be subject to the College’s refund policy regarding tuition/fees/other charges. Information about withdrawal procedures can be found in the Academic Policies and Services section of the Catalog or by contacting the Registrar’s office or Student Financial Services.

For Non-accelerated Courses:
Prior to first class meeting 100%Tuition Refund
Prior to End of Drop/Add 1stWeek of Semester 90%Tuition Refund (if not replacing credits)
Prior to the End of the 2ndWeek of Semester 75%Tuition Refund
Prior to the End of the 3rdWeek of Semester 50%Tuition Refund
During and After the 4thWeek of Semester No Refund

For Accelerated Courses:
6-9 Class Meetings
Semester Schedule of Course Withdrawals % Refund
Prior to the First Class Meeting 100%
After First Class Meeting  75%
After 2nd Class Meeting  50%
After 3rd Class Meeting None
4-5 Class Meetings
Semester Schedule of Course Withdrawals % Refund
Prior to the First Class Meeting     100%
After First Class Meeting     25%
After 2nd Class Meeting   None
2-3 Class Meetings
Semester Schedule of Course Withdrawals % Refund
Prior to the First Class Meeting     100%
After 1st Class Meeting    None
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