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Gerontology – Certificate

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Cedar Crest offers an interdisciplinary certificate in gerontology to provide the necessary knowledge and practical skills to those who wish to serve the needs of the elderly. The gerontology program focuses on understanding the aging process and the relationship between the aged and society and on improving the quality of life within the elderly population.
Students presently pursuing a bachelor’s degree and those holding an undergraduate degree who wish to undertake post baccalaureate studies in gerontology are eligible for admission to the certificate program. Persons in the community who have not matriculated at Cedar Crest, but who have an interest in pursuing gerontological studies, can also apply for admission to the certificate program.

Requirements for the Gerontology Certificate

The gerontology certificate program combines classroom learning with practical experience. Students take six courses. They then apply their knowledge in supervised field practice in agencies and facilities providing services to the elderly and integrate theory with practice in a seminar in applied gerontology.

Core courses:
HLT 100 Biology and Healthy Aging 3 credits
NTR 114 Nutrition and the Elderly 1 credit
SOC 243 Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging 4 credits
SOC 329 Practices, Policies and Politics of Gerontology 3 credits
SOC 331 Applied Gerontology 3 credits
SOC 332 Field Practice in Gerontology 3 credits

To earn a gerontology certificate, a student must maintain a cumulative grade-point average of 2.000.

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