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Matriculation is a student’s formal acceptance as a degree candidate at Cedar Crest. Matriculation is required for any student who plans to receive financial aid and/or declare an academic major. Students intending to complete a degree are encouraged to matriculate upon entry.

The date of matriculation determines the liberal arts curriculum requirements under which students will graduate unless they choose to graduate according to provisions enacted by the faculty and stipulated in the current catalog. A student who does not matriculate upon entry is required to do so before the student completes the final 30 credits.

In the event that a course section reaches its enrollment maximum, matriculated students are given preference over non-matriculated students.

The date of the acceptance letter as a degree candidate is the date of matriculation. This date of matriculation is important if a student finds it necessary to interrupt her studies at Cedar Crest. If a matriculated student requests and is granted an official leave of absence of up to three calendar years, she is not required to re-apply for matriculation when she re-enrolls at Cedar Crest.


Last Updated: 6/24/10