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Music – Major/Minor

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The music program at Cedar Crest is designed to provide a well-rounded interdisciplinary understanding of music practice, theory and history with an emphasis on vocal performances. Numerous opportunities to perform in Musical Ensembles are available – the Instrumental Ensemble, the Flute Ensemble, the String Ensemble, the All College Chorus, open to all students without an audition and the Cedar Crest Singers. Applied music lessons are also offered to all students who wish to continue with voice or an instrument or begin study for the first time regardless of major. All music majors are obliged to abide by the written Performing Arts Departmental Policies. A grade of C or better is required in all courses taken for application toward all major requirements in the performing arts. 15 credits of course work in the major must be taken at Cedar Crest College.

Competencies and Assessment in the Performing Arts

1. An initial assessment of each student's prior skills and experience is done upon declaring the major in music. A written assessment is placed in their file.

2. Attendance at the First Friday Performing Arts Noon Series is required each term for declared majors.

Presentations are required once each year. All presentations are expected to be works in progress and can be drawn from class work or independent work.

3. Students are expected to be familiar by graduation with the major composers, styles and periods on the lists

appropriate to their discipline.

4. Mid-year reviews are conducted for all music majors. Reviews take place during FNA 100. All majors are expected to meet with the departmental faculty to review their progress from class work to performance. Failure to comply will require the student to submit a five page analysis of her work to date. Mid-year reviews are required for certification.

5. By spring of the junior year, students submit project proposals for approval. All majors are expected to make an oral presentation on a designated First Friday briefly presenting the progress and plans for their project in spring of the junior year.

6. Senior Project: All majors must produce a major creative project in order to graduate. Students present a project proposal for departmental approval and seek an advisor for the project by April 1.No projects proceed without departmental approval. This project is included in Fine Arts 353.

7. All Performing Arts Majors are required to participate in a minimum of two faculty supervised Musical Ensembles, Dance Productions, Theatre Productions and/or Performing Arts Practicums.

8. Graduating seniors participate in exit interviews with departmental faculty.

Requirements for the Music Major:                                                  (47 credits)

MUS 101 Experiencing Music                                                               3 credits

MUS Musical Epochs /Styles or Composers (3 x 4)                              12 credits

MUS 210 Theory I                                                                                3 credits

MUS 215 Theory II or MUS 316 Conducting                                         3 credits

MUS 191 Applied Music (8 x 1)                                                             8 credits

MUS Music Ensembles (4 x 1)                                                               4 credits

FNA 100 First Friday (4 x .5)                                                                 2 credits

FNA 252 Sophomore Seminar                                                               3 credits

FNA 255 Portfolio                                                                                  1 credit

FNA 353 Senior Project                                                                         5 credits

THS 105 Public Speaking                                                                       3 credits

Technology, Oral Presentation and Information Literacy requirements (for majors) are fulfilled through the following course:

FNA 100 First Friday

FNA 252 Sophomore Seminar

FNA 255 Portfolio Preparation

FNA 353 Senior Seminar


Requirements for the Music Minor                                                          (18 credits)

MUS 101 Experiencing Music                                                                   3 credits

MUS Musical Epochs /Styles or Composers (3x3)                                    9 credits

MUS 191 Applied Music (3 x 1)                                                                3 credits

MUS 210 Theory I                                                                                    3 credits

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