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Off-Campus Study


The Career Planning Office offers more than 300 internships for sophomores, juniors and seniors. The main focus of the internship program is to integrate real-world experiences with academic work. Students may even be able to earn college credit. Internship experiences increase the student's personal and career growth through interpersonal and intellectual challenges, acquisition of practical skills and exposure to related work fields. Under the supervision of a faculty member, the organization's representative, and the Career Planning Office, internships supplement classroom education. For more information on internship procedures and requirements, refer to ÒInternship Guidelines,– a publication available in the Career Planning Office in the Allen House and on the Career Planning home page on the Cedar Crest College website or on My CedarCrest. All Students planning to participate in the internship program are encouraged to attend an internship seminar and must complete Internship Contract forms, also available in the Career Planning Office.

Alumnae Museum

Paid internship positions are also available on campus through the College's Alumnae Museum. Located in Curtis Hall, the Cedar Crest Alumnae Museum preserves the history of Cedar Crest College and fosters an appreciation of the history of women. Opened in conjunction with the College's 125th anniversary, the museum collects and preserves memorabilia and other items of importance to the College. Students work as paid interns (and sometimes as paid museum associates) to plan exhibitions using fashions and memorabilia collected since the College's founding in 1867. Students gain a sense of history of the College as well curatory techniques that are applicable in the larger museum community. For more information on internships with the Alumnae Museum, contact the Cedar Crest Alumnae Office at 610-606-4609.

LVAIC Cross Registration

Through the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC), the course offerings and library holdings of five other area private colleges are available to Cedar Crest students. Degree-seeking matriculated upper-class women and non-freshmen in good academic standing may register at other LVAIC institutions for courses not available to them on their home campus. Cross-registration for full-time traditional students is at no additional cost in the Fall and Spring semesters. All Cedar Crest students may use any of the LVAIC libraries at no extra charge. Participating institutions in addition to Cedar Crest include DeSales University, Lafayette College, Lehigh University, Moravian College and Muhlenberg College. For information on cross-registration, see page 36.

Reserve Officer Training Corps (ROTC)

Cedar Crest students are eligible to participate in ROTC courses of study leading, upon graduation, to commissions in the U.S. Army. Course work is offered through the ROTC program at Lehigh University within the terms of the existing cross-registration agreement between member schools of the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges. All ROTC courses are recorded on the Cedar Crest transcript and entered into the quality-point average; thus, they are counted as a part of each semester's hours in determining full-time status. However, only the final six credits earned by successfully completing Military Science 113 – 114 count as electives toward graduation. Cedar Crest students enjoy all the benefits accorded ROTC students at the host institution including eligibility to compete for scholarships covering all tuition, books, and a monthly subsistence allowance. Emphasis in the program is on development of leadership and management skills required of a commissioned officer. No military obligation is incurred by students participating during their freshman year. Further information about Army ROTC is available in the admissions and registrar's offices at Cedar Crest College or from the chairperson of military science at Lehigh University.

Hawk Mountain

Courses are offered at the 2,000-acre Hawk Mountain Sanctuary through an affiliation between Hawk Mountain and the Cedar Crest College biological sciences department.

Students planning to earn academic credit should register through Cedar Crest College. Other interested students should call Hawk Mountain directly at 610-756-6961.

Study Abroad

Students are encouraged to take advantage of the many exciting opportunities available to study abroad. Cedar Crest students may participate in study abroad programs offered through the Lehigh Valley Association of Independent Colleges (LVAIC) and other institutions. The College will also assist students in making the necessary arrangements with institutions overseas. In the past few years, Cedar Crest students have enrolled in programs in Australia, England, France, Italy, Ireland, Japan, Mexico and Spain. Students interested in study abroad should contact the Career Planning office, located in the Allen House, and consult the resources available in the study abroad library. Full-time traditional Cedar Crest College students may apply for study abroad scholarships, ranging from $500 to $2,500 for study abroad during a fall or spring semester. For information on study abroad see page 37.

Voluntary Separation From The College

Official Leave of Absence: Degree-seeking (matriculated) students who find it necessary to interrupt their college studies for a term or more must apply for an official leave of absence if they wish to return under the same liberal-arts education requirements. Within 3 years of the student's official date of separation, the student must have accomplished one of the following steps: return to classes, submit a letter of intent to register for the upcoming term, register for the upcoming term, or request an extension of the leave of absence. Leave of Absence Requests are processed on MyCedarCrest via the Withdrawal Application;the Registrar approves requests for leaves of absence.Withdrawals from individual courses are not considered official leaves of absence.

The first day of class attendance, in the case of traditional students, or the date of the acceptance letter as a degree candidate, in the case of Lifelong Learning students, is the date of matriculation. This date is important if a student finds it necessary to interrupt her studies at Cedar Crest.
Official leaves of absence of less than three years permit students to graduate according to the general education requirements in effect at the time they matriculated. With approval from the department in which they are majoring, students may be permitted to graduate according to major requirements listed in the College Catalog and in effect at the time they matriculated at the College. Students may also choose to graduate according to policies and curricular changes enacted by the faculty and found in the most current catalog.

If matriculated students request and are granted an official leave of absence of up to three calendar years, they are not required to reapply for matriculation when they re-enroll at Cedar Crest. Students who re-enter the College after a leave of absence greater than three years, an unofficial withdrawal, or any absence not formally approved, as described above, must meet the general liberal arts requirements and major requirements in effect at the time of their re-enrollment in order to graduate.

Official Withdrawal from Cedar Crest: In order to withdraw officially from Cedar Crest College, all withdrawing students must complete an exit interview, which begins the withdrawal application on My Cedar Crest. Official withdrawal prior to the official deadline for course withdrawal will result in all coursework in progress being graded W (not computed into average). Withdrawal after the official deadline for course withdrawal requires completion of the process for administrative withdrawal. Unofficial withdrawal from the College at any time may result in all coursework in progress being graded F. If the student re-enters the College to continue the major after a withdrawal, the student will graduate according to general education requirements and major requirements in effect at the time of re-enrollment.

Re-admission Policy: Students who apply for readmission to Cedar Crest College after a separation of at least five years may elect, upon readmission, to retain all of their prior grades or to begin their academic career anew, retaining none of their prior grades.

Students who have been dismissed previously from the College must petition for readmission. Students who have been dismissed for poor academic performance must remain separated from the College for at least one calendar year before reapplying for admission.


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