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Religious Studies – Minor

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The study of religion provides opportunities for exploring the deepest level of meaning of the human experience. Accordingly, this field of study is highly interdisciplinary and frequently is associated with cognate disciplines providing ways of exploring religious meaning in culture, text and thought. The religious studies program at Cedar Crest works in cooperation with the minor in anthropology. Courses in the minor include explorations of transplanted communities of mainstream Asian religions in the United States, world religions, community studies and religion and wellness.
The religious studies minor offers a wide range of courses that expose students to the disciplines associated with religious studies including the history of religions; sociology and anthropology of religion; and psychology of religion and historical, biblical criticism. Some courses in the minor also offers students the opportunity to do supervised field work and may lead to internships or paid assistantships in the summer. Students are also encouraged to take additional courses in religious studies or anthropology at other LVAIC institutions.

Requirements for the Religious Studies Minor (18 credits)

REL 100 Introduction to Religion and Culture 3 credits

Plus choose five from the following courses:
REL 101 Ancient Egyptian Religion  3 credits
REL 120 Religions of South and East Asia 3 credits
REL 204 Psychology and Religion 3 credits
REL 220 Death and Dying 3 credits
REL 233 Spirituality and Wellness 3 credits
REL 225 Buddhism in America 3 credits
REL 226 Hinduism in  America 3 credits
REL 227 Islam in America 3 credits
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