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Residence Hall Information

Residence Requirement

A traditional student is expected to live in a College residence hall if she is registered for twelve or more hours of academic credit unless she is officially designated as a commuting student. Official designation of commuter is made by the Dean of Student Affairs. A student will be eligible for consideration as a commuting student if she lives within a 60-mile radius of the College and is currently residing with her parent(s), legal guardian or spouse. A student who has completed six semesters of college work elsewhere as a full-time student in good standing, or a sophomore, junior, or senior class student also will be eligible for consideration as a commuting student. A student is also eligible for commuter status if she is designated as "independent" for financial purposes. Emergency housing in cases of inclement weather conditions also may be available to students, subject to space availability.

Meal Plan
Campus residency requires that a student have a meal plan. All new students must purchase the 19 meal plan. After the first year, students have the option of choosing the 19 meal plan, the 190 meal block plan or the 150 meal block plan. Each plan provides students with $50 in Flex Dollars. The 19 meal plan is available to all students and includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, Monday through Friday, and brunch and dinner on the weekends. All first year students and new transfer students are required to participate in the 19meal plan. The 190meal block plan and the 150 meal block plan offer students greater flexibility in how many meals they choose to eat each week, plus it offers the option to use a meal from their plan to pay for an invited guest. The block plans allow students to use meals in any given meal period in all dining locations. During the last two weeks of the semester, students may use no more than four meals during any given meal period. The residence and dining halls are closed for winter vacation between semesters. During all breaks there is limited food service available through the Bistro, but it is not included in any of the meal plans.

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