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CATALOG • 2010-2011

Social Work – Major

Requirements for the Major in Social Work
For information, contact Maynard Cressman.

The major in social work consists of the following foundation courses:

ANT 100 Cultural Anthropology 3 credits
SOC 100 Introduction to Culture and Society 3 credits
SOC 321 The Family as a Social Institution 3 credits
PSY 100 General Psychology 3 credits
PSY 250 Life-Span Development 3 credits

Plus the following required professional courses:
SWK 201 Introduction to Social Work 4 credits
SPS 170/171 Understanding and Using APA
Editorial Style for Social Work Majors* 1 credit
SWK 202 The Social Welfare Institution 3 credits
SWK 243 Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging 4 credits
SWK 300 Community Organizing and Social Planning 3 credits
SWK 303 Human Behavior and the Social Environment 3 credits
SOC/SWK 313 Minorities and Human Relations 3 credits
SWK 324 Social Sciences Statistics 3 credits
SWK 325 Social Work Research Methods and Design 4 credits
SWK 326 Evaluating Social Work Research 4 credits
SWK 327 Social Work Processes: Individuals, Families, Groups 4 credits
SWK 328 Poverty and Income Redistribution 3 credits
SWK 329 Generalist Social Work Practice 3 credits
SWK 339 Field Education in Social Work I (Capstone Experience) 9 credits
SWK 345 Field Education Seminar I (Capstone Experience) 3 credits
SWK 346 Field Education Seminar II (Capstone Experience) 3 credits

Additional Requirements

Social work students are required to demonstrate proficiency in Math 102, College Mathematics, and take Sociology 324.  Students who are not computer literate must take CIS 101. To fulfill their scientific reasoning requirement, social work students must take Biology 111, The Human Agenda: Environment, and BIO 112, The Human Agenda: Health Issues, in their freshman or sophomore year. Students transferring from other programs who have completed upper level biology courses may be exempted from this requirement with the approval of the faculty.

Departmental Review for Field Placement

Students majoring in Education, Nuclear Medicine, Nursing, Nutrition or Social Work are required to complete a field practicum or clinical experience.  Because this requirement necessitates working with the public in a professional setting, it is important that the student has advanced interpersonal skills, mature judgment, and appropriate professional demeanor.  Thus faculty in these programs will review students prior to the practicum and make appropriate recommendations up to and including removal from placement.

*To be taken concurrent with SWK 201.
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