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Sociology – Minor

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Sociology is a social science that began studying the relationship between human social organization and human behavioral processes in the mid-19th Century.  Today, it is both a member of the liberal arts and a professional career.  Sociology gives students the ability and knowledge to understand social systems and their influence on individuals.  It gives students the tools and knowledge they need to do social research, to identify and devise solutions to social problems, to identify group influences, and to understand group dynamics.  Above all, it gives students the ability and knowledge they need to understand the complexities of modern life in an ever-changing swirl of economic, political, and cultural dynamics, and to take positive action on behalf of their employer, community, or interests.
The sociology minor provides preparation for a variety of career paths.  As the sociology minor emphasizes the development of analytical thinking and social research skills, it provides excellent preparation for those anticipating graduate study in sociology, law, social welfare, community development, education, public administration, political science, history, business, journalism, nursing, and many technical and natural science fields.  Students often enjoy the benefits of major-minor combinations between sociology and their major field of interest.  Many graduates continue their education in graduate or professional school in a variety of fields, while others use their analytic, research, and organizational skills to find immediate employment in a variety of settings.  Students considering a minor in sociology should meet with the sociology advisor to plan appropriate course sequencing and to discuss career and/or educational plans.

Requirements for the Applied Sociology Minor (18 credits)

Students are required to take SOC 100 (Introduction to Culture and Society) and any five courses from the following seven courses:
SOC/SWK 243 Social and Psychological Aspects of Aging 4 credit
SOC 245 Introduction to Peace Studies 3 credits
SOC 252/PSY 252 Social Psychology 3 credits
SOC 270 Contemporary Environmental Issues 3 credits
SOC/SWK 313 Minorities and Human Relations 3 credits
SOC 321 Family as a Social Institution 3 credits
SOC 329 Policies, Practices, and Politics of Aging 3 credits


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