Catalog • 2011-2012

Global Studies Courses

GST 100 The Globalizing World - 3 credits

This is the gateway course for the Global Studies major. The course introduces students to the major concepts and theories in the interdisciplinary field of global studies. Topics include world geography, the history of globality, global capitalism, the nation state, and cultural, religious, environmental, and political dimensions of globality.
Several major questions are addressed in the course:
(1) Is the power of the nation state slowly being eclipsed by international corporations and institutions?
(2) Globalization: is globalization making the world more homogeneous in a cultural sense or does local culture hybridize the global?
(3) As religions become transnational, how are they transformed in the diaspora and at home?
(4) What are the ramifying effects of climate change and to what extent are those changes anthropogenic?
This is a 3-credit lecture course.

GST 333 Capstone - 3 credits

This is the capstone course for the Global Studies major. It should be taken in spring semester of the senior year following all the required courses in the major.
The course will be supervised by a faculty member in one of the concentrations:
(1) Religion, Culture, & Society;
(2) International Business and Economics;
(3) Global Stewardship. A brief summary list of advanced reading in the student’s concentration area begins the course; these pieces will be read and incorporated into a thesis proposal by the end of Week 4 of the semester and discussed with the thesis supervisor.
The remainder of the semester is spent on research of the thesis question posed in the proposal and writing of the thesis.