Catalog • 2011-2012

Theater and Speech Courses

THS 100 Experiencing Theatre - 3 credits

A hands-on course that examines the roles of the actor, director, designer and playwright in the collaborative process of theatre production. Students explore the various skills, talents and perspectives required to stage a play. Examination of specific times in theatrical history are discussed to further the student’s contextual understanding of Theatre. The course culminates in a final production of several one act plays with each student assigned a specific role as well as trips to see Theatre locally and in New York.

THS 105 Public Speaking - 3 credits

The handling of various speaking situations through practical speech preparation, from interviews and group discussions to formal platform speaking, is covered. Additional emphasis is placed on voice and diction.

THS 106 Forensic Speech Team - 1 credit

Participation in forensics competition including public speaking and oral interpretation events. Students work with instructors and fellow team members to develop speech and oral interpretation skills. Students meet weekly and train for regional competitions throughout the semester. Students are expected to prepare for and compete in at least two tournaments per term.

THS 109 Prose and Poetry: Oral Interpretation - 3 credits

Active participation is required in reading works of literature, prose and poetry aloud in class. Students develop their ability to share the rhythm and natural music of selected pieces. This course is an excellent confidence-builder for people who must speak to large groups or for actors working on vocal control and expression.

THS 120 - 3 credits

This course is designed to begin an investigation of Theatre as a craft, with specific focus given to critical analysis of dramatic text. In addition to covering basic theatre terminology and essential theories of theatre, the Course will investigate major theatrical historical figures and theories, in an attempt to place contemporary theatre in its proper context – in its influence of society, as well as its reflection of society.”

THS 150 Stagecraft - 3 credits

Stagecraft is a course designed to introduce students to the materials and techniques used in the backstage production of a play. It is a lab oriented course which explores production areas such as scenery construction, lighting and sound.

THS 201 Beginning Acting - 3 credits

A basic acting course that uses games, improvisations as well as individual and group exercises to introduce the student to the acting process. In a supportive and non-competitive environment, the student explores relationships to character and process and examines the specific elements needed to create a stage life. Scene and monologue work is assigned and is sequential in nature, leading the student to and through a deeper level of work.

THS 202 Acting II - 3 credits

Continues the student’s investigation in exercise and scene work. It is progressive. The student moves into more advanced exercise and scene work. The theatrical literature that is explored include Ibsen, Shaw, O’Neill, Chekov, Williams and others as the student’s skill and talent are defined and matured.
Prerequisite: THS 201.

THS 227 Advanced Public Speaking - 3 credits

Individual speaking styles are developed through major oral presentations. Students examine rhetorical theory and evaluate historical and contemporary speeches.
Prerequisite: THS 105.

THS 231 History of Theatre: Ancients to 17th Century - 3 credits

A survey of dramatic literature and historical influences. Course content includes extensive play-reading and analyses of periods and style.
No pre-requisite.

THS 232 History of Theatre: 18th Century - 1950 - 3 credits

A survey of dramatic literature and historical influences. Course content includes extensive play reading and analysis of periods and style.
No pre-requisite.

THS 240 Design for the Stage - 3 credits

The various areas of theatrical design (set design, costuming, and lighting design are topics offered in a studio/lecture format.
No prerequisite.

THS 250 Production - 1 credit

One credit per show toward graduation may be earned by dancing, acting, designing, choreographing or stage-managing for faculty-directed theatre productions. This course may be repeated.

THS 251 Practicum - 1 credit

One credit per production toward graduation may be earned by completing practical application projects relevant to faculty-directed or choreographed productions in the area of sets, lights or costumes. Requirements include a minimum of 40 hours of supervised activity in a specific theatre shop, backstage or on a technical production crew or relevant to the production of a dance event. Permission of the instructor is required. This course may be repeated.

THS 260 Special Topics in Theatre - 3 credits
THS 270 History of Fashion - 3 credits

A survey of the history of fashion from the ancients to the 21st Century.

THS 301 Directing I - 3 credits

A beginning course that introduces the student to the role and responsibilities of the director in theatrical collaboration. Exploration of artistic vision, working with actors, play analysis, stage movement, style and interpretive choices are all examined in modern and contemporary plays. Individual scenes are chosen and the course culminates in the student’s direction of a one act play.
Prerequisites: THS 120 or THS 100 and THS 201.

THS 302 Directing Tutorial - 3 credits

Advanced projects in directing.
Prerequisite: THS 301 and permission of instructor.

THS 303 Acting Methods - 3 credits

An advanced acting seminar that individualizes the student’s progress. Specific problem areas, such as voice, language, audition techniques, style, as well as group issues, such as resumes, stage make-up, audition material and interviews are addressed and examined.
Prerequisites: THS 201-202.

THS 335 Creative Drama in Education - 3 credits

The course is designed to demonstrate through theory and experimental projects the uses and implementation of creative drama in any elementary or secondary school curriculum. Practical application to unit planning is stressed.
Prerequisites: THS 100 and 201 or declared education major.

THS 340 Design Tutorial - 1-3 credits

Advanced study in specific design areas.
Prerequisite: Junior standing, THS 240, and permission of instructor.

THS 390 Independent Study - 1-3 credits

Junior status and a declared theatre major are required.