Catalog • 2011-2012

Art Therapy Major

For information, contact Jill Odegaard. 610-606-4666 ext.3347

Program Description

Art Therapy is a form of psychotherapy that engages the client in the creation of art work. The Art Therapy Major at the undergraduate level introduces the student to theories in art therapy and develops the student’s technical skills in multiple studio mediums. The Art Therapy undergraduate Major prepares student to pursue graduate studies in the field of Art Therapy.

The Art Therapy major is offered as a day or evening program. Students must receive a C or better on all courses related to the major.

Students transferring into the art therapy major from another institution may not transfer more than 18 credits toward the Cedar Crest art major.

Portfolio Reviews are held once each semester, in the fall and spring, for students with an art therapy major. Students present a portfolio of current work created in their studio courses. The purpose of the portfolio review is to provide the student with feedback on the progress of their work and to suggest potential directions the work may take as well as to serve as an assessment tool for the Art Department. Students will need two portfolio reviews to complete the requirements for the Art Therapy major. Transfer students must have a portfolio review the first semester they matriculate.

Mission Statement

The undergraduate art therapy major at Cedar Crest College provides a supportive and inclusive atmosphere that inspires social awareness within an education that fosters growth through the healing potential of the arts.


ART 101: Beginning Drawing 3 credits
ART 110: Principles of Visual Organiztion 3 credits
ART 105: Art History I 3 credits
ART 106: Art History II 3 credits

Four studio electives (choose 2D and 3D offerings)
ART 111: Printed Image (2D) 3 credits
ART 113: Illustration (2D) 3 credits
ART 123: Painting (2D) 3 credits
ART 124: Papermaking (2D) 3 credits
ART 125: Jewelry & Metalsmithing (3D) 3 credits
ART 127: Sculpture (3D) 3 credits
ART 131: Ceramics (3D) 3 credits
ART 139: Book Arts (2D)3 credits

Art Therapy Courses:
ART 103: Introduction to Art Therapy 3 credits
ART 203: Applications in Art Therapy (pre-requisite: ART 103) 3 credits
ART 403: Art Therapy Practicum/Internship Sr. year spring only) (pre-requisites: ART 103, 209) 3 credits

Psychology Courses:
PSY 100: General Psychology 3 credits
PSY 250: Life Span 3 credits
PSY 309: Abnormal Psychology 3 credits
PSY 351: Personality 3 credits

TOTAL CREDITS: 45 credits

The art department highly recommends upper level studio courses as general electives to supplement your portfolio for entrance into a Masters program. The department also recommends the following Art History, Psychology, English and Writing electives:

ART 200: Modern Art: 1800-1945 (fall)
ART 201: Contemporary Art: 1945-present (spring)
ART 215: Selected Movements in Art
ART 220: Women Artists (spring)
PSY 316: Systems of Psychotherapy
PSY 230: Team Building and Group Dynamics
PSY 241: Child Development
ENG 234: Creative Writing: Poetry
SPS 170/171: Understanding and Using APA Editorial Style

College Wide Requirements:

Students fulfill the embedded requirements for the Art Therapy Major as follows:

  • Oral Presentation requirement is met by the satisfactory completion of one upper level art history course, (ART206, ART208 or ART209) and portfolio reviews
  • Technology requirement is met by the satisfactory completion of three computer software series workshops (ART132, 232 InDesign ART134 Photoshop)
  • Information Literacy requirement is met by the satisfactory completion of the art history requirements (ART105, ART106) and Art Therapy courses(ART206,208,209)

All other college-wide requirements can be satisfied by the student’s choice with the final approval of the Registrar’s office through a graduation audit. Courses are identified in the catalog with their college-wide designations. In regard to the ML requirement the Art department recommends Math 102.