Catalog • 2011-2012

Speech Minor

For information contact: Tim Brown

Program Mission Statement

The speech minor focuses on preparing students for engaged communication and compelling public address reinforcing the major goals of the college. The development of evocative and compelling public speaking directly is the hallmark of all great civic and global leaders. A broad liberal base of knowledge and creativity are essential to preparation for good public speaking. The minor, in training a powerful voice in students, addresses a core need in the human condition to express anxiety, solve problems and seek a healthy approach to discourse.

Total number of credits required by program: 18

Program Requirements

All speech minors are obliged to abide by the written Performing Arts Departmental Policies. A grade of C or better is required in all courses taken for application toward all minor requirements in the performing arts. At least 12 credits of course work in the minor must be taken at Cedar Crest College.

Course Requirements

THS 105 Public Speaking 3 credits
THS 109 Oral Interpretation 3 credits
THS 106 Forensic Speech 3 credits
COM 215 Organizational Communications 3 credits
COM 100 Intro to Communications 3 credits
COM 278 Debate 3 credits